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The servants ran to their king and reported some illegal occupation inside the palace.

When the king asked them for more details they told him it was one in saffron cloth , looking like a saint . Despite their protest he didn’t bother to move an inch.

Then the king told them not to worry. He straight away went to the saint and saluted him. Paid all respects due to a saint.

He came to know that he was an ascetic who was doing religious pilgrimage. When he saw the big building in the night, he just slept there thinking that it was a choultry (Chatram)  because he was extremely tired.

((From Wikipedia– Choultry is a resting place, an inn or caravansary for travelers, pilgrims or visitors to a site, typically linked to Buddhist, Jain and Hindu temples. They are also referred to as chottry, choultree,chathra, choltry, chowry, chawari, chawadi, choutry, chowree or tschultri.))

Then the conversation began:-

Swamiji, this is a king’s palace. And you know that you cant sit and sleep anywhere you like. If you have told me, I would have allocated a beautiful hut in the vast and beautiful garden area.

Then the saint smiled and said to him

Alright . I  will ask you a few questions and then I will leave if you say so.

The ascetic asked the king:-

Who built this vast and beautiful place?

The king proudly replied, My father built it.

Who lived before you?

Indeed it was  my father, the great king.

Who is residing here now?

Of course it is ME. King of the country.

Who will occupy this palace after ten or twenty years?

By God’s grace my eldest son will rule the country from here.

The ascetic continued,

Look , you told me that no one lives here for ever. People come and go. Don’t you think this place is also like a choultry where pilgrims stay for a few days and the leave. You are also a pilgrim and stay in the place for some time.

Ok , now I have to go to another Punsya Kshetra (holy place) today . Good Bye.

After the ascetic left, the king was thinking about what he said. From that day he also shed his ego and started ruling the country like a philosopher -king; like Janaka Maharaja.

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Saints do not Toil for Food!


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There was a Sadhu (ascetic) in Malabar, a tall and stout person. He was in the police service before becoming a sadhu. He used to wear only a small towel round his waist. Once when he was going for his Biksha ( asking for alms/food), a householder, seeing his good physique, asked him why he should not work and earn his bread, instead of begging for it. The sadhu was told that he would be given a meal if he was prepared to cut a few logs of firewood that were lying in the householder’s court yard.

The Sadhu without uttering a word, started splitting the firewood with an axe given to him and, within a short time, cut the whole lot and stacked the pieces in the proper place. Then, leaving the axe near the stack, the Sadhu simply walked away.

The householder saw the Sadhu going without taking food. He called him back and asked him why he was going before getting his meal. The Sadhu then replied, “I do not take my food where I work, and I do not work where I take my food!”. This means Sadhus subsist only upon alms offered to them with love.

–Story told by Swami Ramdas of Anandashram, Kerala.