Date: 1 September 2018


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Let us look at two new Hindu methods of sooth saying today; very easy to follow. You can master it very quickly!


Hindus have several methods of predicting one’s future. I have already given details about rope trick astrology, lizard predictions, black bird predictions, parrot astrology, sea shell (Prasnam) astrology, face reading, palmistry, amazing Nadi Jothidam (palm leaf reading), Sneezing predictions, Five Bird (Pancha Pakshi Shastra) Astrology and horoscope reading. Probably Hindus are the only race that has so many prediction methods. In addition to these approved methods there are some voodoo methods as well. Instead of crystal gazing they will look at a betel leaf tarred with special black ink! We can call it Betel Leaf Gazing!


if you hear one sneeze it is bad; if any one sneezes twice it is a positive sign. And then there are predictions on the basis of Fox crossing your way, crow flying above, cat crossing your way, white necked eagle (Garuda) flying above etc.


Now I want to tell you something I Have read yesterday in the British Library in London. It is a Tamil book published in 1901. We had a book in our house in Madurai titled ‘Swarodaya Vinjanam’. Unfortunately, I lost it. Now I have got a very brief description of what was in the lost book.

How to predict:

Hindus believe that our breathing alternates in the two nostrils. If you closely watch your breathing, the breathing is done through one nostril for some time and then it changes to another nostril. Sometimes the air goes in and comes out using both the nostrils.


Hindu scriptures say breathing starts with right nostril at 6 am in the morning and then it changes to left at 8 am. it alternates like this every two hours. If someone comes to you and asks some advice, you check your breathing. If it is done through your right nostril and the person who asked your advice also stands on the same side, you say, ‘YES, YOU WILL WIN’, ‘YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL’, ‘DO IT’, ‘GO AHEAD WITH YOUR PLAN’ etc.

Possible questions:

Can I buy a new car now? new house now?

Can I go abroad?  send an application now?

Can I get a promotion in my job?

Can I win the election?

Can I get married now?

Will I get my lost property?

Can I win the court case? etc


When your breathing is done by left nostril and the person stands on the left side, then you say Yes.


But if the person stands on the opposite side to your breathing nostril; you tell the person not to do it. If the breathing is done by both nostrils also, it is NOT a positive answer. The Right nostril is called Sun Part (Pingalai) and the left side is called Moon Part (Ida Kalai in Tamil). The central part (both nostrils) is called Sushumna or Suzu Munai in Tamil.

One more rule is there! The person should be standing or sitting below your level. You should be in a raised seat or higher level.


This looks very strange. Someone has to prove it scientifically or disprove it. But all Hindus have certain basic rules for practising astrology or any science. You must be selfless and follow purity in ‘word, deed and thought’. It is called Tri Karana Suddhi (Three Dimensional Purity). If someone practises a Hindu science whether it is medicine or astrology without that purity, the very same science will bring the person down. Every day we read in newspapers that this ascetic was arrested that ascetic was jailed. This is because the moment you get some extraordinary powers the angels in charge of them will send you temptations. You will naturally become greedy or wish something bad i.e. abuse of women or abuse of power or becoming greedy. That is the end of you!


These prediction methods are in our books for very long. Nothing new. I repeat what I have read yesterday in the British Library.

Shadow Science Mystery

This is the second method; it will sound like some science fiction story!

It is called Chaya Darsan Prediction (Shadow Watching/seeing)

When the sky is clear and the sun is shining bright and when you can see a long shadow of you i.e. five to ten feet long, you look at it facing the same direction of your shadow. If you watch it for ten or 15 minutes from head to foot (of your shadow) and look up in the sky you will see your figure in the sky. If it is of golden colour, you will get lot of money or property. If your figure in the sky is of white colour, then you will be healthy and have a long life. If you see it in red colour, something bad will happen and if it is in black colour it is very bad for your health or life. If nay part of the body is missing in the figure, it is a life threatening sign. Some people look at moon and follow the same predictions.


If someone practises this art for 12 years, the shadow will communicate with you. It will speak to you and come with you. Once it starts talking to you,  you will get the Ashta Ma siddhi (Eight Paranormal Powers). The shadow will sit with you, walk with you and lie down with you. It will warn you any dangers that may come to you. And you can do miracles.


This looks like a fairy tale story. But one has to practise it. Looking at moon on certain days in a month is part of Hindu religious ceremony. If one sees 1000 crescent moons in one’s life, a big celebration is organised for that person. Probably this is also part of that Chaya Darsan.

Sometime ago I wrote that NASA scientists of USA must do some research about Hindu Nadi Jothidam. Though most of the Nadi Jyoshya astrologers are frauds nowadays, there is a big science in it. By looking at one’s hand they can tell your birth day and name. So we need some scientific research on such strange astrological methods. I wish I get some funding for such research!