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The Rigveda has a mantra against snake bites and other poisonous creatures including scorpions. The mantra or the spell has some lines against unseen germs as well. I personally think that this mantra can be used as anti COVID-19 spell by those who have faith in the Vedic mantras. Hindus believe that Vedic sound effect is more important than the literal meaning.

There are more interesting details coming out of the commentaries on these mantras. It talks about anti dotes to poison and the anti-dotes are peacock/peahen, mongoose, a bird identified as Francolin partridge , herbs, sun and the hymn Mantra itself.

This Rigvedic hymn 1-191 has 16 mantras or stanzas in it. It is attributed to seer Agastya.

RTH Griffith, who translated it gives us the following information,

My additional interpretation is that it may be used against all viral attacks because it talks about invisible and unseen poison attacks as well.

Since the hymn is at least 3500 years old, we lost some of the original meaning..

in the second part  i will give the full mantra………….

to be continued…………………….

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