Einstein, Stalin, Mahatma Gandhiji Tested Wolf Messing – More Incidents in Detail! (Post No.3671)


Written by S NAGARAJAN


Date: 26 February 2017


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Post No.3671



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by S. Nagarajan


This is one more article on Wolf Messing, the famous psychic.


Actually, Messing’s fame spread through- out Russia. Stalin wanted to test his psychic abilities. So he called him and ordered him to carry out a psychic bank robbery and get one lakh rubles from the Moscow Gosbank. He was unknown to the bank authorities.


So Messing took up the challenge and walked to the bank. He simply handed over a blank piece of paper torn from a school notebook. He handed over the piece of pater to the bank cashier and opened an attache case and put it on the counter.



The cashier carefully checked the paper and opened the safe and handed over one lakh rubles to Messing. The two officials who were with Messing as per Stalin’s order witnessed the scene.

Messing returned the money to the cashier. The cashier checked the paper which was a blank. He fell to the floor with a heart attack.



One more test was carried out by Stalin. He wanted Messing to come to his guarded room at Kremlin.

Messing went to Kremlin and told the securities, “ I am Beria, May I go in?”

They checked him and allowed him to go to Stalin’s room. Beria was the close associate to Stalin at that time.

Stalin opened the door hearing the knock sounds. There was Messing.



Stalin was a keen psychic researcher. He wanted a psychic research department to be opened in Moscow.


Wolf Messing met the famous scientist Einstein and told him that he could think anything which he would be pleased to do.


Einstein invited him in Vienna in 1915. He was sixteen only. Sigmund Freud was acted as inductor.


Freud gave a mental command to him. “Go to the bath room. Take the tweezers. Return to Einstein and take three hairs from his moustache.

Messing carried out the command reluctantly.


It was 1927. Very interesting incident took place in India at Mahatma Gandhiji’s place.  Gandhiji’s mental command to him was: “Take a flute from the table and hand it over to anyone in the room. Accordingly to the surprise of all Messing took the flute and handed it over to a person. That person started playing it. Suddenly a basket kept in the room was trembled and started to move. A snake emerged from the basket and swayed in rhythm to the music.



Throughout his life Messing’s psychic abilities were tested again and again.

Since he predicted the fall of Hitler, he was chased by Gestapo. He escaped to Russia. He was an entertainer showing his mental abilities.

His true story has been written by Tatiana Lungin in the book titled “Wolf Messing: The True Story of Russia’s Greatest Psychic”.


We may come across many psychic personalities. But needless to say, that Wolf Messing will be in the top of the list.