September 2015 Calendar


Compiled by London swaminathan

Date : 31 August 2015

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Important Days:-

Ekadasi:– 8/9, 24;  Auspicious days:– 9, 16, 17

Full moon:–27/28 (Pournami);  New moon:– 12 (Amavasai)

Important days:- September 5 Janmashtami (Krishna’s Birthday & Teachers Day; 11- Tamil Poet Bharati’s death anniversary; 17- Ganesh Chaturthy; 24 -Bakrid



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Quotations from Swami Tejomayananda,

Head of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide

September 1 Tuesday

Love and forgiveness go together. If we can’t forgive, it means we can’t love sufficiently.

September 2 Wednesday

Be tender towards the fault of others; be strict towards your own.

September 3 Thursday

Some are influenced by the bad around them. Some are untouched by the good around them.

September 4 Friday

Some people have love-less lives, and some people have life-less love.

September 5 Saturday

Important things are NOT things.

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September 6 Sunday

Children need your presence, not your presents.

September 7 Monday

Values are more valuable than valuables.

September 8 Tuesday

A person may have everything – knowledge, wealth and virtues, but if he is not humble, all is vain.

September 9 Wednesday

Have faith in the inherent goodness of others.

September 10 Thursday

Change your outlook, then look out.

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September 11 Friday

Don’t tell God how big your troubles are.

September 12 Saturday

An altar in our life will alter our life

September 13 Sunday

Those in drama and dance know they have makeup on. So they want to remove it as soon as possible. We do not know we have it on, so we don’t know we have to remove it.

September 14 Monday

To see truth… We need a pure mind and a subtle intellect.

September 15 Tuesday

Self-knowledge is the direct means to liberation.

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September 16 Wednesday

The solution to all worldly problems should be from a spiritual viewpoint.

September 17 Thursday

Our goals should be so inspiring that the challenges become fun in the journey of reaching our destination.

September 18 Friday

The softest pillow is a clean conscience.

September 19 Saturday

You are a product of your past, but NOT a victim.

September 20 Sunday

Take care of the state of your mind. More than the planets.

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September 21 Monday

Adopt the ways of nature. Her secret is patience.

September 22 Tuesday

Never believe in anything unless it happens.

September 23 Wednesday

Between the urgent and the routine, one must not forget the important.

September 24 Thursday

If we want to realise our dreams, we have to stay awake.

September 25 Friday

Everyone is born to succeed. Do not underestimate yourself or another.

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September 26 Saturday

No-one can give you rest. You will have to learn to take it.

September 27 Sunday

The sky is truly the limit for what we can do with what we have. We only have to realise this.

September 28 Monday

Dependence brings sorrow. Independence brings happiness.

September 29 Tuesday

Acquisition of things is great; renunciation of things is greater.

September 30 Wednesday

Love of wealth takes away the wealth of love from our heart.

A vision of one-ness, develops love, readiness to serve all, and creates an attitude of forgiveness.