Beware of Wagtail Birds: Prediction by Varahamihira!

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Written by London swaminathan

Article No.1661; Dated 19th February 2015.

Varahamihira, the author of Sanskrit encyclopaedia Brhat Samhita deals with lot of scientific things; but yet he has devoted several chapters to omens and beasts, omens and birds. It is nothing but the reflection of his age. Tamil literature and the modern Panchang (ephemeris) also contain bird and lizard predictions. Several communities including the Etruscans believed in such things. It is easy to spot a street astrologer with a caged parrot in Indian streets.

Varahamihira did not ‘write’ this. He just compiled people’s beliefs and the books available at his time, i.e 1500 years ago.

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He begins the chapter by saying

“I shall now expound the effects, enunciated by ancient sages, of the first sighting of the bird called wagtail.

A variety of wagtail named Bhadra, which has a stout body and a black raised neck, is auspicious.

One which is black from the face to the neck is called Sampurna and fulfils one’s ambition.

The one with the dark spots on the neck and white cheeks is named Rikta (empty) and causes disappointment

The one called Gopila which is yellow in colour produces troubles when sighted.

If a wagtail is sighted in the following places it will bring prosperity: Flowering trees, fruit trees, holy lakes and rivers, on the back of elephants, horses, cows and serpents; on temples, gardens, mansions, cow pens, places of sacrifices, assembly of virtuous men.

yellow wagtail

To get your dream girl

When the wagtail is seen perched on

Silt- one will enjoy sweet food

Cow dung – one will enjoy milk and milk products

Green grass – clothes

On a cart- devastation to country

Roof of the house – loss of wealth

On a piece of hide – imprisonment

On the backs of goats and sheep – immediate union with one’s beloved

perched on a brach

Negative effect

If the wagtail is seen sitting on a buffalo, camel, donkey, bones, burial ground, clod of earth, turret, heap of ashes, compound wall – the result would be disastrous.

If it is seen flapping its wings – inauspicious

Seen drinking water – auspicious

Sighting in the morning – beneficial

Sighting in the evening – harmful

drinking water

Do you want to find Treasure?

There will be a treasure underneath the place where the wagtail copulates; mica, where it vomits and charcoal, where it voids its excrements.

Every rule has an exception; for every sin there is some atonement. Even if a king sees a wagtail in an inauspicious place, he can avoid the negative consequences, by worshiping  Brahmins, Gurus, and pious men and avoid non vegetarian meal for a week.

on buffalo

Al like any bird prediction, Varahamihira also gives predictions for the people who wanted to leave early.

Source book: Brhat Samhita translated by Prof. M.Ramakrishna Bhat.