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Written by S Nagarajan

Article no. 1724; dated 17 March 2015

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“The Hindu religion is not only a religion, it is also a philosophy not only religion and philosophy, it is a way of life”, so said the well known English writer Somerset Maugham in his book Points of View.

The Hindu religion shows the way to lead the life successfully. Needless to say, for anybody’s success wealth is important.

The Goddess Mahalakshmi is being worshipped as the promoter of prosperity by Hindus.
Mahalakshmi means the great source of the best in life. It also means ‘worshipful’ and ‘engrossed in appearance’.


Lakshmi also means the thinker of the welfare of the devotees.
Sri and Lakshmi are the two manifestations of Mahalakshmi. Though they are two, yet they are one. The word Sri means luminosity, beauty, reputation, glory, magnanimity, splendor, prosperity and consolation.

In order to acquire wealth, the Hindu way of life suggests to worship Lakshmi every morning after taking bath. The Sri Sukta praises Goddess Lakshmi.

This Sukta forms the chapter two, Varga six of the Khilas appended to Rig Veda. The Rig Veda is the oldest known text of the world. There are fifteen mantras in Sri Sukta.
The Sri Sukta can be recited or those who had not learnt the Sukta can hear recorded audio tapes.

Those who would like to have enormous wealth usefully recite the one hundred eight name of Goddess Lakshmi, every day.


There is one more secret. If you keep water in a small bowl in the north-east corner of your hall in your home it will remove all negative vibration and pave the way to get the wealth you want. Every morning the water in the bowl should be drained and fresh water should be filled up. The bowl should be kept in the same place every day. Amazing results could be observed within forty eight hours.

The presence of Lakshmi, who is firm and steady, bestows gold, cattle, horses and human beings.

She is seated on a Lotus flower. She is implored to bestow fame and prosperity.
Lakshmi resides where the fragrance of sandal and camphor exists! Those who desire that the goddess Sri should always reside in their family should be pure. The purity is required both mentally and physically!

And hence the dwelling place should always be kept clean.

There are certain symbols associated with welfare, glory, prosperity and worship. They are lotus, elephant, conch, swastika, pot, garments, diamond, crocodile, owl, discus, mace, bullock, wish fulfilling tree or Kalpa tree, jack fruit, armour and a pair of fish. Hence using these symbols appropriately will make Lakshmi’s presence.

The Hindu literature gives details of performing Lakshmi puja or Lakshmi worship.
We will learn more about Lakshmi worship in our next article.