Tirupparangkundram Temple Pictures

Tirupparankundram is one of the Six Shrines of Lord Skanda Murugan. This town is near Madurai and as old as Madurai. I visit this shrine every year during my India visit. Last week I went to the temple at Tiruparankundram and took these pictures:


Temple Entrance

Drummer Statue


Patanjali Maharishi

Nayak King

Krishna’s  statue



Colourful Sudhais

Nayak King

Saravana  poykai



Vali side view


Mountedcourse wanted


Stone horse at the entrance

Veda Patasala

Sangu Sales

Coconut and Fruis

Long Drum Player


Yanai vahanam

Saravanap Poyhai Nagars

Book shop inside the temple.

Herbal powders

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