Mysterious Atharva Veda-Part 1


Picture of Vedic God Indra

Vedas are the oldest religious literature in the world. Scholars date them between 1500 BC and 6000 BC. But Hindus believe that they are beyond time and human dating. Like Newton’s Laws of Motion and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity existed even before they discovered, Vedic mantras (hymns) existed even before the seers ‘heard’ them. Like radio frequencies they are always in the air. If you tune into the exact frequency, you hear the broadcast. Seers heard when they tuned into the Vedic frequencies. Of the four Vedas Rik, Yajur, Sama and Atharvana Veda, the most useful Veda is the Atharvana Veda.

Atharva Veda has got 20 Kandas (sections). There are 6000 hymns. Some of them are found in Rik Veda also. The language and style of this Veda show that they are later compositions. But the content is as old as Rik Veda. The same Gods we find in the oldest Rik Veda are praised here. So there can’t be a big difference in the age of the Vedas. In the epics and Puranas we find newer Gods, newer materials and newer rituals betraying their age. Atharva Veda is shrouded in mystery. It has lot of incantations with a touch of magic.

A summary of 20 Kandas:

Kanda 1: Suktas 35, Number of Mantras 153
Prayer to Vachaspati, Lord of speech, to increase one’s learning; Prayer to Parjanya for obtaining victory; Prayer for recovery from illness; Prayer to Water; Prayer to Agni for spreading righteousness
We hear about evil spirits Kimidins and Yatudhanas
Prayer to Indra and Rudra to destroy enemies; Prayer to cure lot of diseases (leprosy,heart, urinary problems,breathing problems, blood disorders, child birth)


Vedic God Agni

Kanda 2: Suktas 36, Mantras 207
Prayer to Supreme Godhead; Prayer to herb for healing
Facts about Jangida Mani (talisman); Prayers to Indra and Agni; Prayers to withdraw curses; Prayers for curing diseases ( TB,Gout); Prayers for mental and spiritual strength; Prayers for donning new clothes
Wedding hymns

Kanda 3: Suktas 31, Mantras 230
Prayer to Indra and Agni for defeating enemies
Coronation prayer for kings
Facts about Parna Mani
Prayer for the Unity of the Kingdom
Prayers for long life, newly built house, prayer to cows and water;
Prayers for success in trade and agriculture, increasing energy and intelligence

Kanda 4: Suktas 40, Mantras 324
Knowledge of the Brahman
Who should be worshipped?
Prayer for purging poison
Prayers to cure insomnia, making amulets out of conch shells, to trees ans rains, herbs and cows; prayers for purging sins and curing worms.

Kanda 5: Suktas 31, Mantras 376
Prayer to Agni for obtaining victory
Facts about herb Kushta
Prayer to medicinal plants shilachi or Laksha
Prayers to Brahmanas, cows, Brahman
Prayers for curing snake poison, fever, worms.
Prayer to drive away the enemies through the playing of drums


Kanda 6: Sukta 142, Mantras 454
Prayers to Savita, Indra
Prayers for protection, sacrifice, peace and destroying enemies
Prayer for purging snake poison
Prayer to Revati herb for growing long hair
Hymn about wearing bangles, specific herbs, death, water, cause of rain.
Prayers for marital harmony, curing TB, worms, spiritual upliftment, avoidance of sin and protection from curses.

Kanda 7: Sukta 118, Mantras 286
Prayer about the Atman
Prayer about the Motherland
Prayer to Sarasvati
Prayer for long life and Marital Harmony
Verse about mother tongue
A wife’s prayer to a herb to make her attractive to her husband
Prayers for protection from enemies, good rain fall and good harvests
Special charms to cure poison


Vedic God Varuna; United States named its ships after Varuna. USS Varuna ships are seen in the picture. Pictures are used from Wikipedia.

Kanda 8: Sukta 10, Mantras 259
Charm for the recovery of a dying man
Hymn to mystical goddess Virat/Viraj
Several verses the meaning of which is obscure
Prayers to ward off demons and exorcism

Compiled by london swaminathan; contact

Continued in Second Part………………………………………..

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