Music Therapy for Pain Relief


When the drugs don’t work, listening to music can be the perfect tune-up for your health, it has been claimed.

It might sound farfetched but listening to Bach can ease back ache and the Eel’s Novocaine For The Soul could help dull pain, shows a new survey.

Johann Sebasitan Bach (1685—1750) was a German composer, organist and violinist
Now chemists at Lloyds Pharmacy are trialling the tuneful alternative therapies when patients ask them to Please Release Me from their pain.

Four in ten people living with persistent pain say listening to their favourite tunes helps them relax and feel better.

Pop, classical and rock and indie music are the most effective genres, according to the study.
And the songs that work best include Bridge over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel, Robbie William’s Angels, Albatross by Fleetwood Mac and The Commodore’s hit Easy.


The high street chemist questioned 1500 people and learned two thirds of patients aged 16 to 24 got the most help by listening to music to manage their aches and pains.

Prof David Bradshaw, of the University of Utah’s pain management centre, said of the survey: ‘No matter how anxious you may feel, if you can get absorbed in the music it can help with your pain.
‘But choose music you like and know well, as humming or singing along can distract you from your pain.

(Metro News paper, London, 23-10-2013)

ஏற்கனவே வெளியான எனது சங்கீதம் தொடர்பான கட்டுரைகள்:
1.இசைத் தமிழ் அதிசயங்கள், 2.சங்கீத ரகசியம், 3.தியாகராஜருடன் 60 வினாடி பேட்டி, 4.முத்துசுவாமி தீட்சிதர் செய்த அற்புதங்கள்
J bach

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