“If There is No Food, Let Brahma Perish!”

guimet brahma from cambodia
Statue of Brahma from Cambodia at Guimet Museum, Paris, France.

By London Swaminathan;
Post No. 1002; Date:25th April 2014.

((Please read post No.860 “ Reference to Brahma in Purananuu- by Dr R.Nagaswamy posted here on 23-2-14.))

Hindu poets are far ahead of communists! Communists in India raise slogans only against private industrialists and big companies in their meetings and processions. But Hindu poets raised slogans against Brahma, God of Creation, for the disparities in the society. What they meant is that inequality must be done away with. In India, if some poet quotes God’s name that means the highest emphasis and not that God of creation should perish.

Tamil poet Valluvar, who lived at least 1500 years ago, said ‘Let the creator of the world (Brahma) Perish’!
Tirukkural 1062 of Tiru Valluvar:

May the creator perish wandering about if he has pre ordained begging too, as a mean of existence.
Mr C Rajagopalachari, First Governor General of India, commented on this Kural: “ If the world were so ordered that one of its inhabitants lives in dependence and on the mercy of others, the Creator would indeed deserve the curse of becoming a wandering beggar himself”.

A Sangam age poet says Brahma was uncultured! (Puram 194:5) because we could see in one house women are happy because a wedding is going to take place and another house had a deserted look because of a death in the family. Hasn’t the Creator any sense? So do good things and avoid bad things in life.

A Buddhist poet bursts out in fierce anger:
He who has eyes can see the sickening sight;
Why does not Brahma set his creatures right?
If his wide power no limits can restrain,
Why is his hand so rarely spread to bless?
Why are his creatures all condemned to pain?
Why does he not to all give happiness?
Why do fraud, lies and ignorance prevail?
Why triumphs falsehood – truth and justice fail?

(The Jataka Stories; translated by Cowell and Rouse, vol.6 (1907, p.110)

Bharati’s Outburst
But Subramanya Bharathi, greatest of the modern Tamil poets, said let us destroy the world even if one has to go without food! He was revolutionary in his thoughts, words and deeds.

Brahma statue of Choza Period.

Krishna says it is sin to cook for one’s own sake:-
Lord Krishna said in Bhagavad Gita, It is sin to eat without giving it to others:
“ But those who cook for their own sake truly eat sin”—(Gita 3-13)
Bhagavad Gita Commentators refer here to the Pancha Yajnas (Five Types of offering) that Hindu householders have to perform every day:

1.Deva Yajna: Offering to Gods by way of Pujas
2.Brahma Yajna: Studying Scriptures
3.Pitru Yajna: Offering to ancestors (water oblations)
4. Manushya Yajna: Feeding the poor or any guest that comes to your door step
5.Bhuta Yajna: Feeding all creatures from Elephant to ant, particularly cows.

Manu on Householder’s duty:
Manu, the Hindu Law Giver, says in 3-77 that the people who are in three stages (Student, Pensioner and acetic) depends on householders (grihasthas) and in another rule 3-76, he says:

From food creatures come into being;
From rain is the birth of food;
From sacrifice rain comes into being;
And sacrifice is born of work

Annad bhavanti bhutani
Parjanyad anna sambhavah
Yajnad bhavati parjanyo
Yajna karma samudbhavak (The Laws of Manu 3-76)

Valluvar even spoke about violence against who refuse to give: “Crush them like sugarcane; Twist their arms and punch on the jaw till it breaks!”

Kural 1077:
The mean will not even shake off what sticks to their hands to any but those who would break their jaws with their clenched fists.

Kural 1078:
Good men of virtue give charity at the mere call for help, but ignoble ones,
Will give only when crushed like the sugarcane.

At a mere word the good will melt; but the mean, like the sugarcane, yieled only under pressure.

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