Sangam Age Pandya Kings and Chieftains


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Dictionary of 10,000 Indian Kings – Part 7


Compiled by london swaminathan

Post No: 1584: Dated 17th January 2015

First part of the article –146 kings beginning with letter ‘A’.

Second part– 65 Pandya Kings of Madurai+ Puranic Kings

Third part — 122 kings beginning with letter ‘B’

Fourth Part- 43 Kings of Vijayanagara Empire + 34 Kings under letter C.

Fifth Part – 106 Kashmiri Hindu Kings

Sixth Part – 30 Satavahana  Kings  + 136 Kings underletter D.

Seventh Part –  35 Tamil Pandya Kings of Sangam Age. First few centuries, particularly Pre Pallava period, are considered Sangam Age.


Sangam Tamil Kings performed sevral Vedic Yajnas. Two of them were remarkable:


Pal Yagasala Mudukudumi Peruvazuthi, a Pandya king,  performed several Yagas and his country was full of Yupa Pillars. With his name Peruvazuthi, a coin with a horse,  is discovered. This confirms that he did Asvamedha Yajnam. Kalidasa, in his Raguvamsa, talks about Agastya and Pandya and mentioned Avabrutha Snana, which is performed during big Yajnas. Another Choza king, Perunarkilli, performed Rajasuya Yajna.

map pandya

Following List is taken from Sangam Age Coins by R Krishnamurthy :


(My comments: A lot of references to kings are with just honorary titles or adjectives. So I have not given them a new number. I have not counted them as separate kings. The numbers on the right side are the numbers of verses in Tamil literature. Abbreviations: Akam=Akananuru, Puram=Purananuru, Nar= Narrinai, Kuru= Kuruntokai, Silambu= Silappadikaram, Madu= Maduraikanchi etc.).


1.Adu -por Chezian – Ahananuru verses 149, 335, Purananuru verses – 18, 26, Silappadikaram 22-2-1


2.Aalankaanattu anjuvar irutta vel kezu taanai chezian – Narrinai – verse 387

3.Andar Mahan Kuru Vazuthi – Puram 346

.Andar mahan kuruvazuthiyar- aham 228, Kur.345


4.Arasukattilil tunjiya Pandya Neunchezian – Silambu. 23 and 24

5.Arivudai Nambi – Kuru.230, Nar.17

Arivutai Vendan – Puram.184

wife, Bhutap Pandyan Devi Perun ko pendu Puram. 246, 246 verses

6.Cheziya -Puram 25

Endu Val Chezian – silappadikara – 14

Eyal Ter Chezian -Aham 209

Eyal Ter Valuthi – Puram 52


7.Ilam Peru Vazuthiyar – Paripadal 15

8.Kadalul Maayntha Ilamperu Vazuthi- Puram 182

9.Kaduman maran – Puram 198

Kadun ter Cheziyan- Nar.340, Siru.line 65

Kai van  Cheziyan – Aka.47, 175

10.Kanpper Eyi Kadantha Ugra Peru Vazuthi – Puram.21

Kodi Ter  Cheziyan Aka.36, 57, Puram.24

Koyilur Kizar  Mahanar   Cheziyanar – Nar.383

Kon Murai Arintha Korra Vendan – -Silambu 26-16-6

11.Korkai  Cheziyan – Akam.46

Korkai Koman-Akam 188, Siru.62

Korkai Kongan -Silambu 23-1-11

Korkaiyil Iruntha Vetriver  Cheziyan – Silambu 27-14-16

Korkai Porunan – Akam.296

Korkai Vendan – Silambu 20-4-7, 20-6-3

Korra Vendan -Akam.106

Korra Chezian -Silambu 23-16-6


12.Kudumi – Puram 9, 58

Kudumik koman-Puram 64

Kudumip PudalvanPuram 160, 273

Kumarit Turaivan Silambu 23-1-11


13.Kuru Vazuthiyar – Akam 150

14.Malai Maran, Kuru.245

Man Kudumi Puram.6,12

Man Vazuthi Puram 59

Maran Maduraikanchi 72

Maran Vazuthi Puram 59

Marap por Cheziyan Akam 116


15.Muda Thirumaran – Nar. 105, 228

Nal Vazuthi Paripadal 12

16.Nambi Neduncheziyan Puram 239

Nan nira Cheziyan Silambu 22-4

17.Nediyon- Madurai line 60, Puram 9


18.Nedun Ter Cheziyan -Akam 296

Nedun Ter Kaivan Cheziyan -Akam 175

Nedun Ter Tennar Koman- 209

Nilam Taru Tiruvil Nediyon – Madu. 763

Nilam Taru Tiruvil Pandyan – Tolkappiyam Payiram


19.Ollaiyur Tanda Bhutapandiyan -Akam.25, Puram 56

20.Pazaiyan Maran – Puram 346

Pal Yaga Salai Mudukudumi -Madu 759 (see Kudumi)

Panchavan- Pari Tirattu – 2-46

pandya 2

Kannaki with Pandya Neuncheziyan

21.Pandyan Arivudai Nambi – Akam.28, Puram.184, 188

22.Pandiya Ariyapadai Kadantha Neduncheziyan – Puram 183

23.Pandiyan Chithiramadathu Thunjiya Nanmaran -Puram 59

24.Pandiyan Enadi Nedunkannan -Akam 373, Kuru.156

25.Pandiyan Ilavanthikai Palli Thunjiya nanmaran –  Puram 55, 56, 57, 196, 198

26.Pandiyan Kanaper Eyil Erintha Ugra Peruvazuthi – Puram 367

27.Pandiyan Karunkai Ol Val Perum Peyar vazuthi – Puram 3

28.Pandiyan Kiran Sattan -Puram 178

29.Pandiyan Kudaahaarathu Thunjiya Maran Vazuthi -Puram 51,52

30.Pandiya Maran Vazuthi -Nar.301


Pandiyan Nedun Cheziyan – Puram 18,19, Nedunal.

Pandiyan Palyakasalai Mudu Kudumi Peruvazuthi (see Mudukudumi) – Puram6, 9, 12, 15, 64

Pandiyan Pannadu Tandan Kuru 270


31.Pandiyan Talaiyalankanattu Ceru Vendra Nedun Cheziyan – Puram 17, 23-26, 72, 76-78

32.Pandiyan Velli amablattu tunjiya Peru Vazuthi – Puram 58


33.Pasum pun Cheziyan Puram 76

Pasum pun Pandyan – Akam 162, 338, Kuru. 393

Pasum pun Valuthi Nar 358

Pasum put Pandiyan – Akam 162, 231, 253, 338, Kuru.393


Peru valuthi -Nar.55, 56

Pothiir Poruppan – Simabu 23-1

Porpu Valuthi – Silambu 28-8

Por ter Cheziyan Nar.298, Silamnu 27-9

Por Ver Cheziyan – Sila.28-12

Puhaz sal maravan- Puram 57

Pula man valuthi – Pari 19/20

Pun Pandiyan Maravan- Puram 179

Pun Tar Maran – Puram 55

Sinap por Valuthi- puram 54

Talai alankanattu ceru vendra Neduncheziyan- Madurai. colophon

map 2

34.Tandu MaranPuram 360

Tennan Poruppan- Pari 4-1, Puram 37, 215

Tennan Poruppin Talaivan- Silabu 20-4-8

Tennar Koman- kam.209, Silambu-25-6-16

Tennavan – Kali 57, 98, 104, Madu.40, Pari.20, 7,Ptti-277, Silambu 15-1-9, 20-4-9


Ten Pardavar por Madu.144

Ten pulam kavalam maruman Siru.63

Ten pulam kaval mannavan- Silambu 28-21

Tin ter tennavan – Ainkuru-54

Todi tol Tennavan Silambu 17-15

Ugra Peru valuthi- Nar.98

Valuthi Nar-150

Vai val Tennavan – Silambu 27-9

Vaiyaiar Koman Silambu 29-15

Vaiyai Kon – Silambu 20-8

Vel kelu Tanai Cheziyan Nar.387

Vel por valuthi- Akam 312

Vem por cheziyan Puram 79

Ven ver Cheziyan Puram 19

Vetri ver Cheziyan Silambu 27-14

Vittai anda ilam pazaiyan maran -Pathir. Pathikam 9/7


35.Por Kai Pandiyan (Pandya with a Golden Hand) – Pazamozi


My comments: A lot of epithets used by the poets for the Tamil Kings confuse everyone. We could identify only some kings for sure. I would guess that there should be at least 20 kings for four centuries. Sometimes brothers rule jointly and they are all considered kings; but the eldest will be given the honours. Even if we take two brothers ruled or two different lines of Pandyas (from Madurai and Korkai) ruled it would rougly be forty Pandya kings. The poets who sang about these kings fall into three or four generations only.


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