Electrocuted by husband—- for having a Daughter: Beti Bachao! Beti Padhao!!


Wife who lost her life with her partner

Written by london swaminathan

Post No. 1604; Dated 28th January 2015


A news from Turkey has saddened many hearts. London newspapers have published the news item prominently.


A father who electrocuted his wife after she gave birth to a girl instead of a boy has been jailed for life. Veysi Turan fixed a bare electric flex to wife Mubarek’s feet as she slept and then pugged it into the mains. Mubarek died atonce.


Veysi Turan (29) confessed he had rowed  with his 33 year old wife at their home in Diyabakir, Turkey, after she gave birth to their second daughter.


He claimed he killed her in a fit of rage a day after the arrival of the baby in January last year. But prosecutors proved that on the day his wife gave birth he bought an electric cable, thick insulating rubber gloves and plugs. Medical witnesses said she would have woken up from the shock and died in agony.


Judges sentencing him for life told him: You plotted this murder in great detail in advance of carrying it out. Your callous behaviour has left two children without a mother and now no father either.


The female murder rate soared by 1400 per cent in Turkey between 2002 and 2009. In the first 11 months of last year, men killed 253 women in gender based attacks, according to independent news portal Bianet.

beti image

Female children are thought to be a burden in Turkey like India. This attitude has led to imbalance in the population in India. Girls are fewer in mumber compared to boys. As a result of the disproportionate ratio, it is becoming harder to get girls for marriage alliances. The girls have become more choosy and in some cases even arrogant to impose difficult conditions on boys–  their would be husbands! We cant blame the girls for this attitude. It was boys and their parents who set examples by demanding unreasonable dowries. Girls were insulted and demeaned by the in laws in their husbands’ houses. Now the tables are turned!

Beti Bachao! Beti Padhao!!


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken about this issue when he launched the ‘Save the Girls’ campaign in Panipat (Haryana). He denounced the practice of female foeticide saying that such discrimination reflects mental illness.


Haryana state has one of  the worst records  in India. In Mahendragarh, there only 775 girls for every 1000 boys. This is very dangerous. This will be a threat to morality. When girls are more in demand, divorces may increase and the girls may seek newer husbands. Whenever there is a war it is other way round. Number of men is reduced and then the Kula Dharma is spoiled. Arjuna put forth this point to Krishna in Bhagawad Gita (1- 39 to 42) as an excuse to avoid fighting. Since Krishna knew the outcome of the war, he persuaded him to fight. In short, if the ratio of men and women change, it will spoil the culture of the country. Recently we saw it in Sri Lanka where there was a civil war for over twenty years.


State governments in India have already taken several measures.Modi Government can take the following meaures to encourage people to have more female children:


1.First female child (baby girl) should be given child benefit (in western countries every child is given child benefit (cash)  until certain age)


2.For Second female child the benefit should be doubled.


3.Families where there are two female children should be given reservation in educational institutions and jobs.


4.To avoid population explosion or a particular community increasing in number creating newer problems, the benefits must be stopped if there are more than three children in the family. If the third child is also a feamle, normal child benefits may be given.


5.Apart from these economic benefits, creating awareness is more imporatant. There were scores of poetesses in the Rig Veda and Sangam Tamil litearture. Their contribution must be highlighted to instil confidence in the community.


6.There were scores of scholars like Leelavati, Gargi and heroines like Jhansi ki Rani, Chittor Rani Chennama, rulers like Queen Didda and Rani Mangammal. Their stories must be included in the school syllabus to instill confidence in the families and girls. This will help to change the mindset. Governments can’t do much in a social issue like this. People’s attitude must change.


  1. Benefits can continue till the imbalance in the ratio is rectified- may be for next 25 years or so.


8.Even after these measures, if there are economic difficulties, governments can help the families with female children. But I dont think girls will suffer economically. It is going to be the boys who will be  lagging behind.

beti 3

9.Who knows? In twenty five years, someone else will write in the same columns about Helping the families to get more Boys!

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