Reward for beating Guru!


Post No 1942

Date: 19 June 2015

Compiled by London swaminathan

Uploaded from London at 10-36 am

Samarth Ramdas was once going with his disciples to meet Shivaji. On the way they rested under a big tree. The disciples feeling hungry, entered the sugar cane fields nearby without the owner’s permission, cut some sugarcanes which they brought for their Guru. Hearing about the trespass and not knowing who the saint was, the landlord came there and in a fit of anger, took hold of a sugarcane and thrashed the Guru and his disciples, who took the blows coolly and proceeded on their way. Reaching Sivaji’s palace, they did not mention this incident to anyone.

When Samarth Ramdas was given a bath by Shivaji, he saw red stripes on saint’s back and enquired of him about it. The saint brushed aside the topic. But the royal disciple pursued his enquiry and learnt the truth from others. He sent for the owner of the sugarcane fields, who was soon brought before Shivaji and Samarth Ramdas when they were sitting together.

On seeing the landlord, the saint asked the king why he was ordered to come there. Shivaji replied that the wrong-doer who inflicted injury on the saint and his disciples must be punished.

Samarth Ramdas then said: “The owner of the sugar-cane field has done no wrong. He was quite right in belabouring us as he did. We had no right to enter his field and cut the canes without his permission as we did. So he must not be punished; nay, as compensation for his loss of sugar-cane, for the trouble of coming here and the anxiety caused by the fear of punishment, you must grant him a gift of five villages”. Thus he who expected punishment for beating the saint was not only forgiven but also given a rich reward.


Saints always forgive! They are full of mercy!!

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