A.M.>Water, Noon> Butter Milk, P.M.> Milk: Tips for Good Health!


Article No.1971

Date: 3 July 2015

Written by London swaminathan

Uploaded from London at 17-19

1.Bhojanaante pibhet takram vaasaraante pibhet payah

Nisaante sa pibhetvaari tribhih rogo na jaatyate

Drink butter milk (diluted curd/yogurt) after a meal, drink milk at night and drink water as soon as you get up.Those who follow these three tips will never become sick!

2.Triphalaa: Haritaki, Amalaka, BiBhitaka

Haritakyaamalakabibhitakaaniiti tripalaa—Susruta Samhita 38-56

Those who use the powder made up of the dried Haritaki, Amalaka, BiBhitaka

In the food will be strong and will develop resistance against stomach diseases.

3.Trikatuka: Dried Ginger, Black Pepper, Pippali/long pepper

Pippaliimariichasrungaveraani iti trikatukam – Susruta Samhita 38-58

This can be made as decoction and drunk for good health. Both the Tripalaa and Trikatuka will increase the digestive powers.

Dairy products

Dairy products

4.Trimadhu – Nectars

Ghrtam gutam maakshikam sa vgnjeyam madhuratrayam

That is Ghee (grtam), Jaggery (Gutam) and Honey (Maakshikam) are considered three nectars. Most of the medicines are taken along with it.

If we keep these things handy at home and use it periodically it will be very good.

Ayurveda and Siddha (Tamil) medicines believe prevention is better than cure.

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