Be Smart to get an Interview!


Compiled  by London swaminathan

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Date: 25 October 2015

Time uploaded in London: 19-41

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A travelling salesman was anxious to gain admission to the office of a prominent industrialist, the establishing of business relations with whom would be the highlight of his whole trip. But the man in question was difficult to see. Entering his outer office, he gave his card to the secretary. It was taken within and, through the partly opened door, the salesman saw the executive tear it in half and throw it into the waste basket.

The secretary returned meanwhile and stated that her employer would not see him. “May I have my card back?” asked the salesman. Slightly embarrassed the secretary reported to her superior who sent her back out again with a nickel (coin) and a message that he was sorry, but the card had been destroyed. More than equal to the occasion, the salesman drew another card from his wallet and gave it to the girl.

“Take this back to him,” he said “and tell him that I sell two cards for a nickel.”

He got his interview and he got his order!


I sell Brains, not Trunks!

An advertising salesman arrived at a large Chicago hotel and took a room. He carried with him only a small grip and the hotel porter asked for the tags for his trunks.

“I have none”, said the salesman.

“Why, I understood you was a salesman”, said the porter.

“That is right, I am. But I don’t need any trunks. I sell brains”.

The porter scratched his head and said, “Well, Sir, Boss, you is the first travelling salesman what ‘sever come here without no samples.”


May I speak to your mother?

“I owe my success as a salesman”, said the speaker, addressing the gathering of young men being trained for this profession, “to the first five words which I invariably utter when a woman opens the door, ‘Miss, may I speak to your mother?”

Source: An old book of Anecdotes

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