Gothe’s Strange Experiences!


Written by S NAGARAJAN

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Date: 25 October 2015

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Psychic Poet

Gothe’s Strange Experiences

Santhanam Nagarajan


How the great German poet and statesman Gothe (Birth 28/8/1749 Death 22/3/1832) started believing about future life?

A strange experience changed him.

This experience has been narrated in ‘Phantosms of the Living’ thus:

Johann Wolfgang Gothe was walking one rainy summer evening with his friend K, returning from the Belveclere at Weimar. Suddenly, Gothe exclaimed : “My God! If I were not sure that my friend Frederick is at this moment at Frankfort I should swear that it is he!”

The next moment he burst out laughing. ”But it is he! – my  friend Frederick. You here at Weimar? Buy why are you dressed so – in your dressing gown, with your night cap and my slippers here on the public road?”

K, as I have just said, saw absolutely nothing and was alarmed, thinking that the poet had lost his wits. But Gothe, thinking only of what he saw, cried out again: “Frederick, what has become of you? My dear K, did you notice where that person went who came to meet us just now?”

K, stupefied, did not answer. Then the poet, looking all round, said in a dreamy tone: “Yes, I understand … It is a vision. What can it mean though? Has my friend suddenly died? Was it his spirit?

Thereupon Gothe returned to the house and found Frederick there already.

His hair stood on end. “Avaunt! You are phantom?” he exclaimed pale as death.

“But my friend”, remonstrated Frederick, “is this the welcome that you give to your best friend?”


“Ah! This time “, exclaimed the poet, with such emotion, “it is not a spirit, it is a being of flesh and blood.”

The friends embraced warmly. Frederick explained that he had arrived at Gothe’s lodging soaked by the rain, had dressed himself in the poet’s dry clothing and having fallen asleep in his chair, had dreamed that he had gone out to meet him and that Gothe had greeted him with the words: “You here! At Waimer? What? With your dressing gown, your nightcap and my slippers here on the public road?”

From this real experience Gothe started believing in a future life.

Of Gothe, we read in Eckermann’s Conversation: “During the night of February 5-6, 1783, my master rang for me. I went to his room and saw him dragging his bed from the end of the room to the window. Then he looked up at the sky and said: “Listen! We are at a very serious hour, for earthquakes are happening at this very moment!”

Next day, at the Court of Weimar, Gothe repeated to several persons what he had said in the night, but he was laughed at, and one lady cried: “Gothe is raving”

However two weeks later accounts of a terrible earthquake arrived. It occurred in Calabria and Sicily at the very time Gothe called to his valet.

Gothe’s psychic experiences are well recorded.


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