Words cut more than Swords! (Post No. 2480)

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Date: 11 January 2016


Post No. 2480


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Part 2: Speech Proverbs

(First Part was published yesterday)


22.Pleasing words uttered with a cheerful look are even better than giving with a willing heart– Tirukkural 92


23.Spare to speak and spare to speed (those who are reluctant to speak out will not make much progress in life).


24.Speak and speed, ask and have.

25.The squeaking wheel gets the grease.

26.He that speaks well, fights well.

27.The tongue is the rudder of our ship.

28.The voice is the best music.

29.Good words cool more than cold water.


30.Using harsh words, when pleasing words are available, is like eating green fruits while there are ripe ones- – Tirukkural 100


31.The bird is known by his note, the man by his words.


32.Pleasing words which do no harm to others will give happiness to a man in this world and in the next– Tirukkural 98


33.Fine words butter no parsnips.


34.Fair words fill not the belly.


35.Fair words will not make the pot play (boil).

36.He who gives fair words, feeds you with an empty spoon.


37.Good words fil not a sack.


38.No jewels are more befitting a man than humility and pleasing speech– Tirukkural 95


39.Talk is but talk; but it is money that buys land

40.Talking pays no toll.

41.Save your breath to cool your porridge.


42.Barking dogs seldom bite.

43.Great barkers re no biters.

44.Dogs that bark at a distance bite not at hand.

45.Threatened folk live long (threats need not be feared as they are rarely carried out)

46.There are more men threatened than stricken.

47.Warned folks may live.


48.Long mint(warn), little dint(blow).


49.If you cannot bite, never show your teeth.


50.A good tongue is a good weapon.

51.Under the tongue men are crushed to death.

52.The tongue breaks bone, and herself has none.

53.The tongue stings.

54.A burn caused by fire may heal; but a scar caused by a fiery tongue will never heal – Tirukkural 129

55.The tongue is more venomous than a serpent’s sting.

56.There is no venom to that of the tongue.

57.The tongue is not steel yet it cuts.

58.Words cut more than swords

59.One harm resulting from foul utterance is enough to nullify all the good done by a man– Tirukkural 128

60.Words are but wind, but blows unkind.


To be continued…………………







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  1. Raghavan Narayanasamy

     /  January 12, 2016

    Nice article. Please check in internet about lord ramas sister shanta, an unknown story now surfacing surely our forefathers missed this information

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