Famous Doctor refused to write a book! Why? (Post No. 2553)


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Date: 18  February 2016


Post No. 2553


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Doctor Hsu was physician of almost supernatural skill. “Why don’t you write a book, he was asked, “so that your knowledge may be passed on for the benefit of the posterity.”

“Medical skill is a matter of intelligence”, the doctor replied, “and depends partly on a man’s power of concentrated thought, and partly on his skill in feeling the pulse. The pulse, as the ancients knew, may be of different types difficult to distinguish, and each indicates a different disease. Facility in these two matters cannot be taught. When the nature of the pulse is skilfully distinguished, then the disease can be diagnosed, and treatment can be given with the proper drug, on which alone recovery depends.


“The way the medical men go on in these days, continued the doctor after a pause, “failing to diagnose correctly by the pulse, and treating a disease with a whole collection of ameliorating drugs instead of the one appropriate, is just like a hunter, who, having not the slightest idea where the hare is, wastes endless men and horses over a large area, in the vague hope that one or other of them may meet it and be lucky enough to catch it”.

China (Tai Ping Kuang Chi)




What are Antidotes?

The Book of Medicine says, “A tiger shot by a poisoned arrow eats mud; a wild bear rootles about for harebell or kikio-root; a pheasant wounded by a hawk seeks the leaves of the ti-huang plant. Chng Ao tried giving powdered yti-stone to rats, and found that they became unconscious of the presence of man, yet they could be completely restored in a few minutes by a drink of medicine compounded from jelly fish.


Birds, beasts and even insects know the antidotes for things which are poisonous to them; how much more should man? A silk worm sting may be cured by an application of powdered snake; the bite of a horse by rubbing it with the ashes of a burnt whip-holder. In short, to be effective, an antidote must correspond to that which has caused the injury.”


— China (Tai Ping Kuang Chi)


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  1. Present day Doctors rely more on Diagnostic Instruments, than on their instinct and ability to question the patient to find out the proper cause. Even on the tests, they prescribe all the tests, whether they are requirred or not.They straight away go for high power medicines or injections.All these because 1) they have not learned medicine properly and 2) they want to earn money fast and not cure the patient. Medicine is not a service anymore; it is a money spinning matter.

  2. Yes. I agree with you. In countries like India, they get commission for every test they order. Here in my country, Britain, they get money for everyone registered with a GP; and in addition they get money for the treatment they give or prescribe.

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