Kings, Fools and Scoundrels!(Post No. 2574)


Compiled  by London swaminathan


Date: 25 February 2016


Post No. 2574


Time uploaded in London :– 14-50


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Hello! you old fool!


Late King George the Fifth and the Princess Victoria, his sister, were accustomed to have a brief chat on the telephone at the same hour every morning. Their conversations were of a personal, highly informal, and often joking sort. One morning when her phone rang at the accustomed time, the Princess picked up the instrument and said, Hello, you old fool.


The voice of the operator broke in saying,

I beg your pardon, Your Royal Highness, His Majesty is not yet on the line.




 Peter the Great 


Peter the Great was so much affected by the death of Peter, his son by Catherine I, that he shut himself at Peterhof, intending to starve himself to death, and forbade every person, of whatever description under pain of death, to disturb his retirement.


The senate assembled on this desperate resolution of the prince, and Dolgorouki undertook to drive him from it.  He went and knocked at the door of the room where Peter was shut up.

Whoever you be, cried the Czar with a terrible voice,

Fly off, I will open the door and knock out your brains


Open, I say, replied, Dolgorouki in a firm tone, it is a deputy from the senate come to ask you whom you wish to have named as emperor in your room , since you have resigned.


Peter, struck with the courageous zeal of Dolgorouki, opened, embraced his faithful courtier, yielded to his councils, and resumed the reins of government.




 Infernal Scoundrel 


At a dinner during the First Word War the German Kaiser was being discussed. Opinions differed about him. Some of the diners attacked him savagely. Others insisted he was a fine man despite his shortcomings. J M Barrie, the playwright, listened in silence, then without looking up from his plate, remarked dryly,

He is an infernal scoundrel but that is his only fault.




War and Tennis


Nicholas II at the moment was playing tennis at Peterhof. When the Emperor was handed a telegram he had two tennis balls in his left hand, the racket raised , ready to  serve, in his right. He took the telegram with the right hand raising racket and telegram to his eyes, reading

Russian fleet annihilated at Shushima. Nearly all our ships sunk.


The Czar shoved the telegram into his trouser pocket.

Thirty-fifteen, he said and served.



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