What are you reading? My son! (Post No 2577)

george 5

Compiled  by London swaminathan


Date: 26 February 2016


Post No. 2577


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Kings, fools and scoundrels – Part 2 (First part published yesterday)


Seeing his young grandson deeply engrossed in his studies, the late King George V of England stopped to see what was interesting the child

And who are you studying about now? He asked, giving the youngster a friendly pat on the head.

About Peter Warbeck, was the reply
And who was he?

Oh answered the boy, he is just someone who pretended he was the son of a King. But he was not really, he was the son of respectable parents.


Roman Emperor Caligula’s Laugh!

Suetonius relates how at a royal feast the Roman emperor Caligula suddenly burst out in uproarious laughter. He laughed and laughed, and the rest of the company, in order to be polite and to save their lives, laughed with him.

The fun smitten host at length fell back in his chair exhausted, and a guest near his chair respect fully inquired the reason for his merriment.

The jovial monarch with a wave of his fat hand over the crowded banquet hall , replied
Nothing, but that upon a single nod of my head, you would all have your throats cut.



disraeli stamp

Disraeli’s Tactic

Disraeli, in conversation with a friend, disclosed the secret of his ascendancy in Royal favour,
When talking with the queen, he said,
I observe a simple rule of conduct I never deny, I never contradict, I sometimes forget.


Disraeli, explaining his popularity with the queen said, ‘Gladstone speaks to the queen as if she were a public department. I treat her with the knowledge that she is a woman.”





No Two Clocks agree!

When Charles V retired in weariness from the greatest throe in the world to the solitude of the monastery at Yuste, he occupied his leisure for some weeks in trying to regulate two clocks. It proved very difficult.


One day it is recorded, he turned to his assistant and said, “To think that I attempted to force the reason and conscience of thousands of men into one mould, and I cannot make two clocks agree!”



God has no Interest!


A gentleman begging the Duke of Buckingham to employ his interest for him at court added, that he had nobody to depend upon but God and his Grace.


Then said the Duke, “Your condition is desperate; you could not have named two beings who have less interest at Court.”



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