In India Rain drops turn into Pearls and Rubies! (Post No.2678 )


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Date: 30 March,2016


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Arab writers praised India sky high; here are two notes:–


India is a land where when rain falls it turns into pearls and rubies for those who have no ornaments; from here come musk camphor, amber and aloe wood, and various kinds of perfumes for those who require them; here grow all sweet smelling substances and nutmeg and andropogonnadus; here are found ivory and jai-phal, and aloe wood and sandal, and here is found in abundance the mineral tutia; here are found lions, leopards, elephants and bears; and here are found cranes and parrots, and peacocks and pigeons; and here grow the coconut tree and ebony tree and pepper plant; and here are made the unparalleled swords which need not be polished, and the lances which when wielded, large armies are routed; who can deny the excellence of such a land except fools?

Arabic writer Atharul Bilad, Al-Qazvini


Indians are the Most Advanced

The Indians are the first (most advanced), very large in number and belonging to a noble country. All the ancient peoples have acknowledged their wisdom and accepted their excellence in the various branches of knowledge. The kings of china used to call the Indian kings the kings of wisdom because of their great interest in sciences. The Indians, therefore according to all the nations throughout the ages had been the mines of wisdom, and the fountains of justice and administration. But on account of the great distance of india from our country, few of their compositions reached us. And, therefore only a small portion of their sciences was received by us.


We learnt of only a few of their scholars. In astronomy, for example there are three schools of thought in India

1.The school of Siddhanta

2.The school of Arjbar (Aryabhatta)

3.The school of Arkand (Khandakhadyaka)

But in spite of our efforts we received only the theory of Siddhanta. And this is the theory which is followed by a group of Muslim scholars who based their astronomical tables on it.

In music we have received from them the book called Yafar(?) it literally means ‘the fruits of wisdom’. It contains the principles of modulation and the collections of tunes. And what reached us of their science of ethics is the book “Kalila Wa Dimna’’(Panchatantra stories) which is widely known. And what reached us of their works on arithmetic is the one which has been collaborated by Abu Jafar Muhammed b. Musa al- Khawrizmi. This is the shortest process of calculation easiest to learn. It proves the sharp intelligence of Indians, their creative genius and their excellence in invention.


Arabic writer Abu Mashar al –Balkhi



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