Hindu’s Magic Square Astrology- Part 3 (Post No 2760)


Translated by London swaminathan

Date: 27 April 2016

Post No. 2760

Time uploaded in London :– 10-19 AM

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Please read the introduction in the first part of this article posted day before yesterday and the second part yesterday here. This is the third part. One more part is to come.


Square 232

All worries are over; all difficulties end. Good for you.
Square 233

You have a worry due to a friend outside your town. Leave that friend.
Square 234

You will get gains from two sides; two birds at one stone. You will get a good friend which will solve your problems and your enemy will be finished. Success on your side.

Square 241

Problem due to marriage; there is a person in the family causing trouble. Avoid (ignore) him and the problem will be solved.

Square 242

What you plan or planned in the family will be successful. Others can also help you in planning. Enemies will be finished.
Square 243

You will get a child; you will get a job; you can do anything you want; you will be successful; you will get money; you will be healthy.
Square 244
Planets are in good position; but don’t trust your friend; he has evil intentions; avoid him and do what you think right.

new todukuri 1
Square 311
Money worries; worries from outside your town; do puja to your family deity and that will solve the problems.
Square 312
You will get money; family will flourish; nothing to worry;
Any work you do will be successful; you will be healthy.

Square 313
You want to make money; it will come true without any hindrance; even if lot of people stand against you, you will gain; just worship your family deity every month with puja.
Square 314
What you think will be done. There is a marriage coming; you will be very wealthy; do charity. Fast on Mondays. God will be on your side.

Square 321
Worries are there; you will be tired; you wont get full benefits; you will incur expenses; do everything calmly; wait for 21 months for a change.
Square 322
Worries are over; you will get help from brothers; you will get your job again; whatever you want to do, do it.
Square 323
You will win over your opponent; mental worries will be gone; you will get gains from outside your place; worship your family deity. You will have a mole on your left eye.
Square 324
Your enemy is finished; you will succeed in your plans; you will win all the battles; don’t be angry with anyone; do some chaity.

Square 331
Success in your work; get profit; you are a very charitable person; the good work you do will bring you the fruits.
Square 332
You will not succeed in your work; you have an enemy, who looks like a friend; don’t lose heart. You have suffered for years.
Square 333
You will succeed; you will get a child; you will get good friends; do puja to your family deity every day.

Square 334
You will be successful; what you have lost will come back; friends will help you; don’t worry about too many things.

To be continued………………………

Next part – fourth part is the last part.


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