Kohinoor Diamond: Interesting Anecdote by Hallam Murray (Post No.2864)


Compiled by London swaminathan


Date: 3 June 2016


Post No. 2864


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From the book “The High Road of Empire” by A H Hallam Murray, year 1905, London


“When the kingdom of Ranjit Singh came into possession of the British at the end of the Sikh War (1849) the (Lahore) district was taken by the East India Company from Maharajah Dhuleep Sing, and with it came into their possession the famous diamond Kohinoor. After the murder of Nadir Shah in 1739 this historic stone had passed through many vicissitudes, and came at last, in a much mutilated condition – as the price of the liberty of Shah Soojah, its blind and decrepit royal owner – into the hands of Ranjit Sing. He left on his death bed instructions that it was to be sent to Jagannath, but his son retained it, amongst his treasures, until the day when it was personally entrusted to Lord Lawrence for transmission to the Queen.


One of the quaintest of its many adventures then followed. Lord Lawrence placed the small box, in its cotton wrappings, that contained it, in his waistcoat pocket, and promptly forgot all about it until six weeks later, he was called upon to send it home. Then the circumstances flashed across his mind, and with much anxiety he hastily summoned his bearer, and inquired whether he recollected the box being in his pocket sometime before. The servant had found it, and, with the care of a good native servant, though he thought it contained only a worthless glass, had luckily put it carefully away in a battered tin box, and, to Lord Lawrence’s great relief, was able to produce it at once”.







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