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From the book “The High Road of Empire” by A H Hallam Murray, year 1905, London


“When the kingdom of Ranjit Singh came into possession of the British at the end of the Sikh War (1849) the (Lahore) district was taken by the East India Company from Maharajah Dhuleep Sing, and with it came into their possession the famous diamond Kohinoor. After the murder of Nadir Shah in 1739 this historic stone had passed through many vicissitudes, and came at last, in a much mutilated condition – as the price of the liberty of Shah Soojah, its blind and decrepit royal owner – into the hands of Ranjit Sing. He left on his death bed instructions that it was to be sent to Jagannath, but his son retained it, amongst his treasures, until the day when it was personally entrusted to Lord Lawrence for transmission to the Queen.


One of the quaintest of its many adventures then followed. Lord Lawrence placed the small box, in its cotton wrappings, that contained it, in his waistcoat pocket, and promptly forgot all about it until six weeks later, he was called upon to send it home. Then the circumstances flashed across his mind, and with much anxiety he hastily summoned his bearer, and inquired whether he recollected the box being in his pocket sometime before. The servant had found it, and, with the care of a good native servant, though he thought it contained only a worthless glass, had luckily put it carefully away in a battered tin box, and, to Lord Lawrence’s great relief, was able to produce it at once”.







India needs an Indiana Jones !

Indiana Jones and Temple of doom

Where are our Hindu treasures?

Indians lack historical sense. This is because our ultimate goal is to merge one with God, that is Moksha. So they did not bother much about recording everything with time and date according to modern western standards. Moreover, History begins for Westerners only when they get records, epigraphs, inscriptions, monuments or artefacts. But Hindus laugh at such things. Tamil and Sanskrit literature were very clear about the number of kings the world had seen. They say it is uncountable, innumerable, incredibly big equal to the number of stars in the heaven or the number of water drops in the rain or the number of sand particles on the sea shore. This simile was used 2000 years ago in Mahabharata, Ramayana, Kalidasa’s works and Sangam Tamil literature.


Even Ramkrishna Paramahamsa warned people, “Don’t waste your time by counting the number of leaves in a tree. Such a research won’t take you anywhere near your goal-Moksha”. But yet Hindus did research in Sex (vatsyayana), Medicine (Susruta, Saraka), Grammar (Linguistics/Panini), Astronomy (Varahamihira, Aryabhatta), Mathematics (Leelavati), Theory of Dilation of Time (Mahabharata), Acupuncture (Bheesma’s Arrow bed)–name any subject in the world, we were the first one to have contributed. Then the Greeks took the mantle from us.

The times have changed. We can’t sit idly when the whole world is using mass media to reinterpret their history and religion. Even Krishna’s Syamantaka diamond (now named Hope diamond in Smithsonian ,Washington DC) was used as a plot for Indiana Jone’s film—Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom. So we need an Indiana Jones type person to find out our lost treasures. Some of them have already been traced. Others may be in temple vaults, like the biggest treasure in History at Pathmanabha Swamy temple, Tiruvananthapuram, Kerala,India.


Hindus must create awareness about their treasures. They must know the value of their treasures and display them like the British Museum in London or famous American museums. They must use these plots for interesting feature films like Indiana Jones.

The great Chola king Rajaraja mentioned hundreds of gold items donated to Lord Shiva temple in Thanjavur. Now they are not there!! A lot of temple inscriptions mention thousands of gold items and gems. Now they are not found anywhere. Some temples like Tirupati and Madurai Meenakshi temple have some of the jewelleries. But there is a rumour that some were replaced with fake and artificial jewellery by the politicians. But we can check them with ultra modern scientific instruments.


There is an old Kadamba tree inside Madurai Meenakshi temple well protected with fence. We may do some research to find its age with carbon dating and other methods. Christians did such research on Turin shroud. Every temple had something historic. We have to do scientific research on such artefacts. This wouldn’t affect our faith in Hinduism. This will reinstate our faith in our religion and culture.

Where is Akshya Pathra, the Eternal Bowl, that Draupadi (Mahabharata) used to feed thousands of people? Where is it today?

Where is Amutha Surabhi, that Manimekalai used to feed all the poor in Tamil Nadu? Where is it today?

Where is the Peacock Throne, that is worth millions of dollars today? We knew it was used by Shajahan, the Moghul emperor? There is one Peacock throne in National Museum, Tehran, Iran. But they say the original was broken in to pieces by Nair Shah’s soldiers after he plundered Delhi.


Where is the original Peacock throne-(Mayil Asanam in Tamil)- today?

Where is the Sangam Board/Plank that allowed to Tiru Valluvar to launch his book Tirukkural? The plank that allowed only good and genuine authors. Where is it today?

Where is Syamantaka that produced gold? Is it the Hope diamond at Smithsonian Museum in Washington? Where is it today? ( I argued that it is Syamantaka in my article “ Is Krishna’s diamond in USA”? But a scientific study will prove my theory right or wrong)

Where is our famous  and lucky Kohinoor diamond? Where is it today? We Knew that it is in the Crown Jewellery collection in the Tower Museum. London.


Where is our Kamadhenu that produced food for thousands of people when Vashista was raising it? Where is it today?  If it is a real living animal it would be long dead. But it is magical. So I think it must survive. May be it is an instant cooking machine our ancients invented. Now we have machines that make 1000 chapatis or 1000 Idlis at one go!!

Where is the Karpaka Vruksham tree that fulfils all your wishes? Where is it today?

Where is the Vikramadityan Simhasanam (Lion Throne), the magical throne which will make even a fool the most intelligent man in the world? Where is it today?

Where is the golden throne used by the Pancha Pandava brothers? Where is it today? The Mysore Palace Golden Simhasana which is worth millions of rupees is described as Pancha Pandava throne. Can’t we do some tests to establish the fact?

Where is the blue sapphire that Nala donated? Where is it today? Where is it today?


(Please read my article “The Wonder that was Madurai Meenakshi Temple”. East India Company sent it to Queen Victoria for inspection)

Where is the magical blue cloth that was presented by Neela Nakan to Tamil King Ay which was presented to Lord Shiva (temple) ? Where is it today? Where is the magical blue cloth that Naga tribal leader Karkotakan presented to King Nala for identification? (Please read my article Are Mayas, Indian Nagas? for more details).

Where is Ulavakizi mentioned in Tamil Thiruvilayadal Puranam? Where is Ulava Kottai? It gave us unlimited supply of paddy and gold.


Now that we have discovered the greatest treasure trove on earth in the vaults of Pathmanabha Swamy Temple at Tiruvananthapuram, we must make an inventory of our treasures around the world.

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Krishna’s Diamond in USA ?

Picture shows Hope Diamond

(Brahmin and Chettiar families in South India won’t buy diamonds straight away. They will pay an amount as advance and take it home, keep it for a few days to see whether it brings good news or bad news. If it is good, then they pay the full amount. Some diamonds are defective diamonds.)

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friends”– may be true, but definitely not Lord Krishna’s best friend. Krishna had a diamond known as SYAMANTAKA which led to several murders, encounters, fights, acrimony and marriages!! My research shows the English word DIAMOND came from SYAMANT, though scholars may find different origin. The murderous diamond is at Smithsonian Museum in the USA, again this is the result of my research. Read the interesting story from Vishnu Purana and Bhagavata.

Satrajit was a Yadava leader. He was a worshipper of Sun God. Sun God gave him a powerful diamond called Syamantaka (The hidden meaning is that he found it on the ground when he went to worship in the Sun Temple). It will emit red light and dazzle like sun. A lot of people eyed this diamond and conspired to get it. When Krishna asked him to give it to Ugrasena, he refused and gave it to his own brother Prasen. When Prasen went on a hunting expedition he was killed by a lion and the diamond was taken by a tribal group known as Jambhavans. They were called Bear people because they wore the bear (Jambhavan) symbol.

Everybody suspected Krishna and thought he stole the diamond from Prasen and disposed him off. Krishna wanted to clear his name and so went in search of Prasen. He found his mauled body in the forest and traced the footsteps. When he saw Jambhavan’s children playing with the diamond, he tried to get it from them, but ended in a fight. The fight with Jambhavan went for a month and at last he reached an agreement with Jambhavan, the tribal leader and got his daughter Jambhavati  in marriage. As a marriage gift he got the diamond.

Krishna returned to his kingdom and gave Syamantaka back to Satrajit. Satrajit thanked Krishna wholeheartedly and gave his daughter Satyabhama in marriage to Krishna. When Krishna made an urgent visit to Hastinapura , another person by name Satadhanwa killed Satrajit and took the diamond. So far the diamond caused two murders and two marriages !! It did not stop there.

When Krishna returned to Dwaraka ,his wife told him that his father was murdered for the diamond. Krishna and Balarama went on a mission to get the diamond.  They chased Satadhanwa for nearly a thousand mile and killed him near Mithila in Bihar. A dangerous diamond caused three deaths and three fights and thousand mile trip from Gujarat to Bihar!! But only after killing him, they came to know the diamond was given to Akrura for safe custody by Satadhanwa.

Akrura had already escaped with the diamond to Kasi. He ran away for a thousand mile just because of the diamond. Krishna brought him back and Akrura returned the diamond to Krishna. Knowing that it was a murderous diamond, Krishna gave it back to Akrura and asked him to stay in Dwaraka. The diamond was attributed with magical qualities like bringing lot of gold like the  goose that lays golden eggs.

This is the end of the Syamantaka story in our Hindu scriptures. My research shows that it caused more fights and murders and went to USA after passing several hands in India, France and Britain.


Story of “Hope” diamond

Syamantaka went to foreign countries in the name of HOPE diamond. Knowing that it was a HOPELESS diamond, at last it was sent to a museum in the USA. People believe it was mined in Golconda area of Andhra Pradesh long ago. For several centuries diamonds were mined only in India and the world famous Kohinoor diamond also came from the same mine. The reason for me to believe that Symantaka is Hope diamond is Hope diamond is a rare diamond that emits red rays  at the exposure of ultra violet light. Syamantaka was also attributed with this quality in our Sanskrit scriptures. They describe it dazzling like (Red) sun. Moreover it created more fights resulting in more murders before landing itself in Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. The weight of Hope is 45 carats.

Fearing the evil effect of this gem, they adorned a goddess with this gem in South India. The priest stole that and was sentenced to death. By hook or crook French merchant Tavernier took it to France from India. Tavernier was mauled to death by dogs. It changed hands and went to the royal family. Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette were guillotined (beheaded) in the French revolution. The world believed that it was due to the evil effect of Hope diamond. Later the palace was looted for this diamond. Then it changed hands and came to Britain which resulted in financial disaster and suicide. Later it was sold to private parties and that led to court cases.

Before it came to King Louis, Princess of Label had it and she was killed by a mob. Later Jacques Cello bought it and committed suicide. When it was bought by a Russian prince, he gave it to his lady love and later killed her. Whoever worn it met with a disaster.

People were afraid to buy this because of its notoriety. At one time it was owned by Henry Philip Hope and so it was named Hope diamond. The last owner Harry Watson was persuaded to donate it to the Smithsonian Museum in 1958. This diamond also resulted in at least three murders, several fights, thefts, bankruptcies like Krishna’s Syamantaka. So we can be sure that this was the Syamantaka from Krishna’s period.

Some diamonds bring lot of luck. Another famous diamond from India, Kohinoor, brought immense luck to the British Royal family. Queen Elizabeth is ruling for over 60 years.  Kohinoor is exhibited in London Tower museum. Queen Elizabeth will shine as long as the Kohinoor shines on her crown jewels!!