Ignorance is the cause of Injustice (Post No.3254)


Written by London Swaminathan


Date: 15 October 2016


Time uploaded in London: 18-49


Post No.3254


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks. (Picture is only representational)


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In Chennapattana, there lived an Englishman, who, did not know any of the Indian languages. He had an interpreter to help him whenever he met the native speakers.


One day some conjurors came to the parks to give a performance. The Englishman also attended the event and watched it with very great interest. He was very much impressed with the several feats of agility for his interpreter told highly of them. He told the interpreter to give them ten pagodas (gold coins). But the interpreter pocketed nine coins and gave them only one. As they thought this was a poor recompense and suspected that the interpreter had deceived them.  After the interpreter left, the leader of the group turned to the gentleman and showed him the Pagoda given to them and informed him that his interpreter had taken nine coins.


As the gentleman was ignorant of the language he sent for the interpreter and asked him what they were saying. He told him that among the ten pagodas, he had given them, that one coin was a bad one and they wanted a better one in exchange for it. The Englishman, thereupon became very much enraged and ordered his servants to thrash them and send them away. They, who were ignorant of the vernaculars of the country they inhabit, believe what others tell them.

Ignorance is the cause of injustice.

–Story from 100 year old book, retold by London Swaminathan.

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