Tact Anecdotes! Coffee for the Cat! (Post No 3372)

Compiled by London Swaminathan


Date: 20 November 2016


Time uploaded in London: 7-39 am


Post No.3372


Pictures are taken from various sources; they are representational only; thanks.




contact; swami_48@yahoo.com



Who is beautiful?

Once Talleyrand, the French statesman, sat at dinner between Madame de Stael and Madame Recamier, the celebrated beauty. Madame de Stael, whose beauties were certainly not those of the person, jealous of his attention s to her rival, insisted upon knowing which he would save if they were both drowning. After seeking in vain to evade her, he at last turned toward her and said with his characteristic shrug,

Ah ,Madame, you know how to swim!




Impossible Mouth!

When Wu Ting Fang was minister to the United States from China, he visited Chicago. A native of the Windy City said to him at a reception


Mr Wu, I see there is a movement in China to abolish the pigtails you wear. Why do you wear the foolish thing anyhow?


Well, countered Mr Wu, why do you wear your foolish moustache?

Oh, that’s different, said the Chicago man, you see I have got an impossible mouth

So I should suppose, retorted Mr Wu, judging from your remarks.



Good Bye again?

At a large party in New York Mrs Joseph Schildkraut said goodbye to the British consul, then shook many other hands, and finally found herself shaking his hand again.

But you have already said goodbye to me once, he remonstrated.

Oh yes Mrs Campbell , she replied archly, but it’s always a pleasure to say goodbye to you.



Coffee for the Cat!

During the Coolidge administration, an overnight guest at the White House found himself in a hideously embarrassing predicament. At the family breakfast table he was seated at the presidents right hand

To his surprise he saw Coolidge take his coffee cup, pour the greater portions of content s into the deep saucer, and leisurely add a little bit of cream and sugar. The guest was so disconcerted that he lost his head. With a panicky feeling that it was incumbent upon him at the White House to do as the president did, he hastily decanted his own coffee into the Chaucer and followed suit.


He was frozen with horror, when he had accomplished this, to see Coolidge take his own saucer and place it on the floor for the cat.



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