My Challenge to Dalits in Britain (Post No.3390)


Mr Krishna Ralleih speaks


Written by London swaminathan


Date: 26 November 2016


Time uploaded in London: 7-51 AM


Post No.3390


Pictures are taken by Mr Prabhakar Kaza and Mr Aditya Kaza; thanks.





Part two of my speech at the British Parliament (Building, committee room 12, date 23-11-2016)


Please read the first part of my speech, posted here yesterday.


What will happen if the word CASTE is included in the equality Law?

Christians will use it to convert the Hindus in Britain,

Solicitors will make money by inducing Dalits to file compensation cases. We see a very big compensation culture in this country.

Dalits will use this to get financial aid from some organisations. Domestic servants who came from India will use it to stay in the country permanently and get British citizenship.


Politicians will get more votes if there are more Dalits in their constituencies.

Society will be more divisive

There will be a permanent black spot on Britain

That will be the blackest day in British history because you yourself admit that there is a caste issue in this country.


My friends,

This is the only European country, nay, only country in the Western world that admits that you are suffering from caste discrimination. No other country in Europe has such a law.

There are one million Tamils living in and around Paris. All of them went from Pondicherry, from my part of the world. They did not enact any law regarding caste discrimination.


So if you enact a law like this, it will be a permanent black patch on British society, particularly Hindu community.


Like I said in my two stories, you can solve this problem like Lord Krishna or the King who ordered shoes for everyone in his kingdom.


What we need is change of attitude, change of mind set, education and creating awareness on this issue, where it exists, if it exits.


Now I throw you a challenge! Get out of this hall and ask 100 Hindu youths at random about caste discrimination. They will tell you they don’t know anything about it.

The younger generation do not know anything about it. If you include the word CASTE, you will be poisoning their minds.

Shout from the audience:

At this point, one gentleman in the audience raised his hand with a book, and said It is in this book.

Then I shut his mouth by saying “who wrote the book? It is we who write the book”.

Immediately others also pointed out, that there is Q and A Time and he has  to wait.

I continued…….


Right. You enact the law. What will be the result?

Did all the laws work in this country?

Anti -drug laws are there; but they are ineffective. We read news items that it did not work. Even inside prisons they can get drugs causing enormous problems. Drug abuse is even legalised in some countries.

There is anti- terrorism law; but the Metropolitan police chief himself issued a warning recently: if you hear any bomb explosion run as far as possible or hide yourself somewhere safe; don’t do any stupid things (like taking selfie pictures of pictures for Facebook) There is no guarantee for your safety.


That is why I tell you to change the attitude, mindset by educating them.

Let us spread the message of love and kindness.

Thank you.

(I was happy that they listened to me and gave me a big round of applause, though the hall had more Dalit supporters. They were very vociferous when the Dalits accused the caste Hindus)

A great Friend of the British Hindus, Bob Blackman MP, speaking


There were other speakers: Mr Satpal Murman, Mr Ram Morla, Mr Saunvedan Aparanti and Mr Geaorge Kunnath who supported amending the law o include the word CASTE.


Miss Ridhi Vyas, myself Santanam Swaminathan, Mrs Trupti Patel and Mrs Satish Sharma opposed the inclusion of the word Caste.

Mr Bob Blackman MP and a great friend of the Hindus, opposed it. Mr Veerendra Sharma MP could not attend it due to some urgent work in his constituency.

Earlier Mr Prabhakar Kaza welcomed the gathering and Krishan Ralleih ,Founder of the IFBM, explained the activities of the organisation and the purpose of this meeting.

Ms Bhanu Sistla introduced the speakers and conducted the seminar.

It was well attended and well received.

Ms Ridhi Vyas speaking


What I did not say:

Though it was in my written notes, I didn’t say the following, for lack of time and propriety:

India is a land of wonders; not only for its natural beauty, cultural diversity and beautiful temple architecture. It is a land of wonders because of its castes. No one was able to tell us how and why the castes divided or multiplied into thousands. We see only four castes in the oldest book in the world- The Rig Veda. But now we have 40, 000 castes. How and why it happened, no one could tell us. Recently I have been doing some research about the Badaga community in Tamil Nadu. This small hill tribe has got 20 castes in the group! That is why I call it a land of wonders.

All of us want a society where there is no discrimination on the basis of one’s birth. “All are born equal but some are more equal than others”. Look at us. We all respect Her Majesty the Queen, whose post is decided by birth. Neither I nor you can become king or queen in this country. It is decided on birth in the royal family.  But we all accept it. Not only British, even the Australians voted for our queen. She commands so much respect from one and all. As long as it does not affect an individual or as long as the majority agree, we do such things.





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  1. Raghavan Narayanasamy

     /  November 26, 2016

    Dear Anna, nice article carry out your message across the globe. This Christian conversion will not last song. You should bless our bharath and the young generation.

    On Sat, Nov 26, 2016 at 11:51 AM Tamil and Vedas wrote:

    > Tamil and Vedas posted: ” Mr Krishna Ralleih speaks Written by London > swaminathan Date: 26 November 2016 Time uploaded in London: 7-51 AM > Post No.3390 Pictures are taken by Mr Prabhakar Kaza and Mr Aditya Kaza; > thanks. ” >

  2. Thanks. I will continue my work. Now my blog hits have reached 6000 a day.
    Thanks for all your support

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