Every Little Helps! (Post No.3462)

Written by S NAGARAJAN


Date: 19 December 2016


Time uploaded in London:- 9-29 am


Post No.3462



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Every Little Helps!




Have you ever heard the little story of Mr. Little? For your ready reference the story is given below.

Mr. Little lived in a little house in a little town and he worked for a very little salary. The neighbours wondered how Mr. Little and the whole Little family could get along on such a small salary. He was asked, “Mr. Little, How do you, Mrs. Little and the seven little Littles get along on such a little salary?”

He replied, “Every Little helps!”

Yes, every little helps in everybody’s life. A famous Tamil proverb often quoted is: ‘Small drops make ocean’!

The famous Ganges originates from Gangotri. It is situated at a height of 10,319 feet.

The most sacred river of Hindus originates as little drops! Then Mother Ganges comes out of a crevice and falls as a cascade, twenty feet high, into an egg shaped place.

From Himalayas it flows 1567 miles southeastward across an immense undulating plain.

The Ganges drainage basin covers an area of around 376,800 square miles, roughly a quarter of the Indian Subcontinent. Flowing through one of the world’s most densely populated areas; the Ganges carries an enormous cargo of sediments at an annual average of 2.4 billion tonnes that is more than any other river!

Greatness comes from little things!

Here is a story from The Bustan of Sadi: “A rain drop fell from a spring cloud, and, seeing the wide expanse of the sea, was ashamed. ‘Where is the sea’, it is reflected, “where I am? Compared with that, forsooth, I am extinct.”


While thus regarding itself with an eye of contempt, an oyster took it to its bosom, and fate so shaped its course that eventually the raindrop became a famous royal pearl.

It was exalted, for it was humble. Knocking at the door of extinction, it became existent.

Orison Swett Marden quotes Gothe and Sydney Smith in his book ‘Cheerfulness’ to emphasize a few good points.

“One ought, every day,” says Gothe, “at least to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words”

Sydney Smith recommends us to make at least one person happy every day: “Take ten years, and you will make thirty- six hundred and fifty persons happy: or brighten a small town by your contribution to the fund of general joy.”

Every great journey starts with a small step. Why don’t you start now?




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