Who are the Despicable Five? What are the Five Things to be Avoided? (Post No.3517)

Compiled by London swaminathan


Date: 5 January 2017


Time uploaded in London:-  15-29


Post No.3517



Pictures are taken from different sources; thanks.



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Five Despicable People

anyavaadii =who gives wrong answer

kriyaa dvesii = who hates to work

nopasthaataa = who is not present

niruttara = who does not answer

aahuta prapalaayii = who runs away after being called


anyavaadii kriyaa dvesii nopasthaataa niruttara:

aahuta prapalaayii ca hiina: panchavidhasmrta:

Naradasmrti: 2-33



Five Things to avoid during Twilight (Sandhyaakaala)

aahaara = food

maithuna = copulation

nidraa = sleep

sampaatha = studying scriptures

adhvani gati = travel


aahaaram maithunam nidraam sampaatham gatimadhvani

etaani pancha karmaani sandhyaayaam varjayet budhah



Five Witnesses

likhitah = written document

smaaritah = narrated/ recounted

yadrcchaabhijna = unexpected and unobstructed intruder

guudhah = spy

Uttara saakssii = listener of witness’s statements


likhitah smaaritas caiva yadrcchaabhijna eva ca

guudhah Uttara saakssii ca saakshii panchavidha krtah

Naradasmrti: 1-27



Five that belongs to Everyone (universal)

vaapi = lake

kuupa = well

tadaaka = tank

devaalaya = temple

kujanmaa = tree

vaapikuupatadaagaanaam devaalayakujanmanaam

utsargaatparatah svaamyamapi kartum na sakyate

–Panchatantra 3-92




Five to be Remembered:

(from my previous post)

You must always remember the following Five:-

Janani – Mother

Janmadaataa- Father

Vidyaadaataa – Teacher

Raastra – Motherland

Dharmopadestaa – Teacher of Dharma


Janani Janmadata ca suvidyam pradadati yah

Raastram Dharmopadestaa ca pancakam santatam smaret



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