Ah! It was a wonderful phenomenon – Swami Vivekananda! (Post No.3536)

Written by S NAGARAJAN


Date: 12 January 2017


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Post No.3536



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Ah! It was a wonderful phenomenon – Swami Vivekananda!

by S. Nagarajan


Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was Narayana and Swami Vivekananda was nara in the ‘Nara Narayana’ pair.

They just visited the earth to uplift the humanity and rejuvenate Hinduism.

Swamiji had extraordinary power. But he never revealed himself. However occasionally he used to reveal some of his secrets.

Given below is one such secret which was told by himself.


“While I was in America I had certain wonderful powers developed in me. By looking into people’s eyes I could fathom in a trice the contents of their minds. The workings of everybody’s mind would be patent to me, like a fruit on the palm of one’s hand. To some I used to give out these things, and of those to whom I communicated these, many would become my disciples, whereas those who came to mix with me with some ulterior motive would not, on coming across this power of mine, even venture into my presence any more.

When I began lecturing in Chicago and other cities, I had to deliver every week some twelve or fifteen or even more lectures at times. This excessive strain on the body and mind would exhaust me to a degree. I seemed to run short of subjects for lectures and was anxious where to find new topics for the morrow’s lecture. New thoughts seemed altogether scarce. One day, after the lecture, I lay thinking of what means to adopt next. The thought induced a sort of slumber, and in that state I heard as if somebody standing by me was lecturing – many new ideas and new veins of thoughts, which I had scarcely heard or thought of in my life. On awaking, I remembered them and reproduced them in my lecture. I cannot enumerate how often this phenomenon took place. Many, many days did I hear such lectures while lying in bed. Sometimes the lecture would be delivered in such a loud voice that the inmates of adjacent rooms would hear the sound and ask me the next day, ”With whom, Swamiji, were you talking so loudly last night?” I used to avoid the question somehow.


Ah, it was a wonderful phenomenon.


(Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda Volume 7 page 124)

Swami Akhandananda (earlier name Gangadhar) who was the direct disciple of Ramakrishana Paramahamsa has narrated some of the wonderful experiences he had with Swamiji.

Once Swamiji was in Almora with Swami Akhandananda. One day Swamiji disclosed to Swami Akhandananda mantras he has seen in gold, explaining their import and telling him to which deity each related.  Thus they travelled along the solitary mountain paths.


One day near Almora, they rested under a peepul tree. They bathed in a mountain stream and then sat for meditation. After a long time, Swamiji said to Swami Akhandananda : “Gangadhar , here at Almora, under this tree, a most auspicious moment has been spent. Today, I have found a solution to a knotty problem. I have realized that the macrocosm and the microcosm are strung together on the same string.”


In a notebook preserved by Swami Akhandananda, Swamiji wrote an account of his realization, which is the source of some of the main points in his later speeches and writings.

(ref : Swami Akhandananda by Swami Annadananda page 70)

From the above we may conclude that Swamiji was guided by the Supreme Power continuously with the grace of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.


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