What is Fruitless Charity? (Post No.3656)

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Date: 21 FEBRUARY 2017

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Post No. 3656

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Following three types of charity are fruitless:–


Datvaa tapyate pascaat-

1.Distressed having given charity

Apartment daanam

2.Given to an undeserving person

Asraddhayaa daanam

3.Given without reverence


Yaddhrutvaa tapyate pascaadapaatrebyastadaa ca hat

Asraddhayaa ca yaddhaanam daananaasaastrayastvamii




From my earlier post dated May 9, 2016

Overstepping the rules of Charity

Mahabharata says that there are two things which violate the scriptural instructions.

Apaatre pratipatti – giving to the undeserving

Paatre apratipatti – not giving to the deserving

Labdhanaamapi vittaanaam boddhauyau dvaatkramau

Apaatrepratipattisca patre chaapratipadanam

Mahabharata, Shaanti parva, 26-31


From my earlier post dated Feb.27, 2016

Five Defects in Dhana/Donation/Charity

Anaadaro vilambhasca vaimukhyam chaapriyam ca

Paschaath bhavati santaapo daanaduushana panchakam


Anaadara – giving with disrecpect

Vimabah – Delay in giving

Vaimukha – non -importance

Apriyamvacah – giving with harsh words

Pascaat santaapa – distress after giving



Charateristics of Charity


Aanadasruuni romaani  bahumaanam priyamvacah

Kinchaanumodanam daanamdaanabhuusana panchakam


Aanadaasruuni – tears of joy

Romaani- horripulation

Bahumaanam – respect

Priymavacah – pleasing words

Anumodanam – acceptance




Ten Tamil Sayings (from Tirukkural)

1.Giving to the poor is real charity. All other gifts are investments for return

2.Receiving gifts is undesirable. Giving is desirable even if heavenly bliss may thereby denied.


3.Only the truly noble will give till it hurts,

Without pleading straitened circumstances

4.It may be unpleasant to be egged of , but that is only till

The distress-relieved face of the receiver lights up in radiance

5.Great are they who hunger’s pangs sustain

But greater those who relieve hunger’s pain

6.By relieving people of their devastating hunger

One lays by valuable possessions as investment

7.The man who is in the habit of sharing his food with others will never be afflicted with the disease called hunger

  1. Delight of charity they do not know

Who hoard their wealth and lose it so

9.Enjoying alone the hoarded wealth, without giving others is worse than begging

10.Death is painful; but even that will be pleasant to one

Who finds himself unable to relieve the distress of others.


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