More Rudeness Anecdotes (Post No.3773)

Compiled by London swaminathan


Date: 30 March 2017


Time uploaded in London:- 19-57


Post No. 3773


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.





One Wrong action!

When a diplomat remarked that he could not understand why he was called ill natured, for in all his life he had never done but one ill -natured action, Talleyrand asked, “And when will it end?”



Oscar Wilde’s Wit

Oscar Wilde indulged his penchant for baiting Yankees when he met Richard Harding Davis.

“So you are from Philadelphia where Washington is buried?”

“Nonsense. He is buried in Mount Vernon”, Davis answered abruptly.

Wilde, miffed, switched the talk to a new French painter,

“Do let’s hear what Davis thinks of him”, he purred.

Americans always talk so amusingly of art .

Davis answered, “I never talk about things when I don’t know the facts”

Wilde rapier wit flashed back, “That must limit your conversation frightfully.”


Samuel Johnson annoyed

Samuel Johnson was once vexed by the presence of a man at a small dinner party who laughed inordinately and with a great and ostentatious show of appreciation at everything the good Doctor said.

Finally, irritated in the extreme, Johnson turned upon the fellow and said,

“Pray, sir, what is the matter? I hope I have not said anything that you can comprehend.”



Action is familiar!

Oliver Hereford was having lunch at his club one day, when a man whom he particularly disliked came up to him. Hereford attempted to disregard him but the man, smiling broadly, slapped him on the back and said jovially,

“Hello, Ollie, old boy, how are you?”

Hereford looked at the man coldly and answered,

“I don’t know your name and I don’t know your face, but your manners are very familiar”.


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