I want to hang fifty People! (Post No.5470)

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Date: 25 September 2018


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Post No. 5470


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Dr Samuel Johnson, when paying court to Mrs Porter confessed that his family was not without stain, as he had had an uncle who had been hanged.
Mrs Porter with a woman’s tact, set the good doctor’s mind at rest by assuring him that, although this was not the case with her, she had in her family at least fifty who deserved hanging.

pay court to = Pay flattering attention to someone in order to win favour.

When Madame de Stael published her celebrated novel Delphine, she was supposed to painted herself in the person of the heroine, and Talleyrand in that of an elderly lady, who is one of the principal characters.
They tell me, said he, the first time she met her,
That we are both of us in your novel, in the disguise of women.

Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, 1st Prince of Benevento, then 1st Prince of Talleyrand, was a laicized French bishop, politician, and diplomat. (from Wikipedia)

Engagement Anecdotes

When George IV of England went to meet his future bride, Princess Caroline of Brunswick, he kissed her hand gallantly, and then, suddenly recoiling, he whispered to one of his friends,
For God’s sake , George, give me a glass of brandy.



What Brahms said,
In breaking his engagement to Agathe von Siebold, Brahms wrote to her,
I could not love thee, dear, so much if I did not love my freedom more.


Flirtation Anecdotes


Get that Villain! (I want to shoot him)

Near eighty, Aaron Burr, after he was married to Madame Jumel, engaged in flirting with country girls near the Jumel mansion.

One day the postmaster at what was then the village of Harlem was surprised to see Mrs Burr drive up before the post office in an open carriage. He found her in a violent temper and an enormous horse pistol on each cushion at her side.

What do you wish, Madam? he said.

What do I wish? she cried,
Let me get at that villain Aaron Burr.

Talleyrand once said,
Mme. de Genlis, in order to avoid the scandal of coquetry, always yielded easily.

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Women! I like their Beauty, their Delicacy, their Vivacity and I like….(Post No.3895)

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Date: 10 May 2017


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Talking Anecdotes -Part 1


Dr Johnson was one day in conversation with a very talkative lady, of whom he appeared to take very little notice.

“Why, Doctor, I believe you prefer the company of men to that of the ladies?”

Madam, replied he, I am very fond of the company of ladies, I like their beauty, I like their delicacy, I like their vivacity and I like their silence.



Mark Twain and Winston Churchill


Mark Twain met Winston Churchill in 1900, when the latter was just coming into prominence as a young statesman. The occasion was a dinner in London   Churchill and Twain went out for a brief time to have a smoke. Sir William Vernon Harcourt observed, as they departed, that whichever one got the floor first would keep it. He speculated that inasmuch as Twain was an older and more experienced hand, Churchill’s  voice would get the first good rest that it had had in years .

When the two men returned, Harcourt asked Churchill whether he had enjoyed himself, and the young man replied, “Yes”, most enthusiastically.

Turning to Twain, Sir William put the same question.

Twain hesitated and said,

“I have had a good smoke”.



In Silence!


A talkative barber was trimming the hair of King Achelous ,and asked, “how shall I cut?”

“In silence”, replied the King.


Hush Money to Barber!

King Archelaus , perpetrator of that ancient joke about replying, in silence, to the barber who asked him how he should cut his hair, would be pleased to know that his tradition is being carried on in the modern era.

A man who might well stem from this kingly line, handled the barber a coin and then climbed into the chai .

“Why, sir, thank you”, said the astonished barber,” never before have I been tipped in advance”.

“That is not a tip”, snarled the customer. “It’s hush money”.



Need to Talk to Someone

The need to talk to someone finds its expression in everything from friendly confidences, to the confessional, to the psychoanalyst. Recently it has been commercialised by an organisation calling itself The Southern Listening Bureau of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Their advertisement proclaims

“We offer well trained and experienced listeners who will hear you as long as you wish to talk, and without interruptions, for a nominal fee. As our listeners listen, their faces portray interest, pity, fellow feeling, understanding; where called for, they exhibit hope despair, hate, sorrow or joy.  Lawyers, politicians, club leaders, reformers can try their speeches on us. You may talk freely about your business or domestic problems without fear of having any confidence betrayed. Just let off steam into the discreet ears of our experts and feel better”.



At a party, someone observed to Dorothy Parker that their hostess was outspoken

“By whom?”, asked Miss Parker.



More Rudeness Anecdotes (Post No.3773)

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Date: 30 March 2017


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One Wrong action!

When a diplomat remarked that he could not understand why he was called ill natured, for in all his life he had never done but one ill -natured action, Talleyrand asked, “And when will it end?”



Oscar Wilde’s Wit

Oscar Wilde indulged his penchant for baiting Yankees when he met Richard Harding Davis.

“So you are from Philadelphia where Washington is buried?”

“Nonsense. He is buried in Mount Vernon”, Davis answered abruptly.

Wilde, miffed, switched the talk to a new French painter,

“Do let’s hear what Davis thinks of him”, he purred.

Americans always talk so amusingly of art .

Davis answered, “I never talk about things when I don’t know the facts”

Wilde rapier wit flashed back, “That must limit your conversation frightfully.”


Samuel Johnson annoyed

Samuel Johnson was once vexed by the presence of a man at a small dinner party who laughed inordinately and with a great and ostentatious show of appreciation at everything the good Doctor said.

Finally, irritated in the extreme, Johnson turned upon the fellow and said,

“Pray, sir, what is the matter? I hope I have not said anything that you can comprehend.”



Action is familiar!

Oliver Hereford was having lunch at his club one day, when a man whom he particularly disliked came up to him. Hereford attempted to disregard him but the man, smiling broadly, slapped him on the back and said jovially,

“Hello, Ollie, old boy, how are you?”

Hereford looked at the man coldly and answered,

“I don’t know your name and I don’t know your face, but your manners are very familiar”.


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