Gentlemen Anecdotes (Post No.3812)


Written by London swaminathan


Date: 12 APRIL 2017


Time uploaded in London:- 20-51


Post No. 3812


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.





Sir Walter Raleigh

Sir Walter Raleigh would have devised different techniques had he lived today. An authentic descendant of his turned up in Philadelphia as told in the story of the three girls who were marooned on the curb, after a violent cloud burst had left a deep puddle in the poorly drained street stretching nearly all the way between themselves and the car which they wished to board. Two of them had jumped for it only to go in over their ankles. The third was still standing in despair when a sedan rolled up and stopped directly in front of her. With a flourish its driver opened the rear door on her side ,then opened the other. Catching the idea, the young lady proceeded to walk through the car and on to the trolley. Tipping his hat, the driver closed his doors and proceeded to drive way.




Theodore Roosvelt

One night a Negro was walking along forty second street in New York, from the terminal to the hotel, carrying a heavy suitcase and a heavier valise. Suddenly a hand took hold of the valise and a pleasant voice said, “Pretty heavy, brother! Suppose you let me take one. I am going your way”.

The Negro resisted, but finally allowed the young white man to assist him in carrying his burden , and for several blocks they walked along, chatting like old cronies.

And that, said Booker T. Washington years afterward, was the first time I ever saw Theodore Roosevelt.



Charles Lamb

Charles Lamb once said,

“Don’t introduce me to that man!

I want to go on hating him, and I can’t hate a man whom I know.”




Taxi! Taxi!

It was late at night and the young lady was taking a taxi home. Checking in her hand bag she was mildly horrified to discover that she would not have enough money for the full fare. When the metre had reached the full sum which she had, she called to the driver and told him to let her out,cexplaining the situation.

“Listen, lady, said he, money isn’t everything”.

“There’s still what you call chivalry. You just sit still”.




General Lafayette

In 1803 the American Congress granted to General Lafayette, 11520 acres of land, in what was then called the Territory of Orleans; but by some inadvertency, a portion of the same land was afterwards granted to the Corporation of New Orleans. Lafayette was advised to bring forward his claim; and eminent lawyers assured him it was perfectly legal. To which the gallant French man replied,

“I can’t consent even to inquire into the validity of my title. It was gratuitously bestowed by Congress, and it is for them to say what was given. I can’t for a moment think of entering into litigation with any public body in the United States.



Edmund Walter

Edmund Walter had a tremendous, international reputation for wit, in spite of his, obstinate sobriety.  Being shown the Duchess of New castles verses on the death of a stag, he declared that he would give all his compositions to have written them; and being charged with the exorbitance of his adulation answered that nothing was , too much to be given, that a lady might be saved from the disgrace of such a vile performance.





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