Introduction Anecdotes (Post No.3937)

Compiled by London Swaminathan


Date: 24 May 2017


Time uploaded in London: 19-15


Post No. 3937


Pictures are taken from various sources such as Face book, Wikipedia and newspapers; thanks.






Hot Potato and Fools

During one of his campaigns, William Jennings Bryan spoke in a city in one of the North-Western states (USA). The chairman in presenting the speaker, made an embarrassing fulsome and eulogistic introduction of Bryan, in such bad taste that many wondered how Bryan would succeed in overcoming the unfortunate effect of it. Bryan however wasn’t easily dismayed.

“The very kind observations of the chairman”, he said, “bring to my mind the case of the man at a formal banquet table, who impulsively put into his mouth a large fork full of steaming, hot baked potato, which he instantly spat out upon his plate. Looking about at his disconcerted fellow guests and at his hostess, he remarked blandly, “Some damn fools would have swallowed that”.



Shortest German Introduction

Long introductions, when a man has a speech to make are a bore, said former senator John C Spooner, one of the great senate leaders.

“I have had all kinds, but the most satisfactory one in my career was that of a German Mayor of a small town in my state, Wisconsin”.

I” was to make a political address and the opera house was crowded. When it came time to begin the mayor got up.

“Mine friends, said he, I hafe asked been to introduce Senator Spooner who is to make a speech, ja. Vell, I hafe did so und he will now do so”.



Introduction of a Big Man


“I had expected to find Mr Lloyd George a big man in every sense”, playfully remarked the chairman, when introducing the statesman to a meeting.

“But you see for yourselves he is quite small in stature”.

Lloyd George was no whit abashed.

“In North Wales”, he remarked, “we measure a man from his chin up. You evidently measure from his chin down.”


Most Notorious Woman

The lady from Arkansas, senator Hatie Caraway , was about to address a gathering of her constituents . The chairman introduced her with a prolonged and lavish eulogy, culminating thunderously with the words,

“Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you the most notorious woman in Arkansas.”



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