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Date: 5 June 2017


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It is my hobby to collect Management stories/ anecdotes for the past 30 years.

They not only give you guidelines but also make you think deeply.

Here are the first three stories which I enjoyed very much.

Happy Reading!!

Your Boss and You : Always let your Boss have the first Say!

A sales rep, an administration clerk, and the manager are walking to lunch when they find an antique oil lamp.
They rub it and a Genie comes out.
The Genie says, ‘I’ll give each of you just one wish.’
‘Me first! Me first!’ says the admin clerk. ‘I wantto be in the Bahamas, driving a speedboat, without a care in the world.’
Puff! She’s gone. 
‘Me next! Me next!’ says the sales rep. ‘I want to be in Hawaii , relaxing on the beach with my personal masseuse, an endless supply of Pina Coladas and the love of my life.’
Puff! He’s gone.
‘OK, you’re up,’ the Genie says to the manager.
The manager smiles and say, ‘I want those two back in the office after the lunch-time.’
Moral of the story:
Always let your boss have the first say. 

For doing nothing you must be very very high!

An eagle was sitting on a tree resting, doing nothing.
A small rabbit saw the eagle and asked him, ‘Can I also sit like you and do nothing?’
The eagle answered: ‘Sure, why not.’
So, the rabbit sat on the ground below the eagle and rested. All of a sudden, a fox appeared, jumped on the rabbit and ate it.
Moral of the story: 
To be sitting and doing nothing, you must be sitting very, very high up.

Staying at top is not easy!

A Turkey was chatting with a Bull.
‘I would love to be able to get to the top of that tree’ sighed the Turkey, ‘but I haven’t got the energy.’ ‘Well, why don’t you nibble on some of my droppings?’ replied the Bull. They’re packed with nutrients.’
The Turkey pecked at a lump of dung, and found it actually gave her enough strength to reach the lowest branch of the tree.
The next day, after eating some more dung, she reached the second branch.
Finally after a fourth night, the Turkey was proudly perched at the top of the tree..
She was promptly spotted by a farmer, who shot her out of the tree.
Moral of the story:
Bull Shit might get you to the top, but it won’t help you stay there for long.


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  1. These are quite interesting, and instructive. Like our old fables, there is a story but pointing to a wisdom beyond . It is a more effective way of making the point, than verbose expositions.
    In perusing management literature over the last several years, we find that the literature can be classified as those which explain:
    – the ideas of early formulators/floaters of theories [ Theory X, Theory Y, etc]
    – the state of the art as it is supposed to be practised [ eg. text-books , especially American text books with case histories ]
    – the actual experience by leading practitioners [ eg Lee Iacocca ]
    – the works-even autobiographies of real leaders who were more than conventional/professional managers [ eg. Akio Morita ]
    – the work of psychologists with a bearing on aspects of management like motivation [ Abraham Maslow ]
    – writings which draw upon ancient wisdom : the Gita, Bible, Lao Tsu, etc.
    – the work of real thinkers and philosophers of management [ Peter Drucker]

    Another way to classify them would be into techniques (formulae ), theories, and real values.
    It is my feeling that most management writers only gave us theories and techniques; it was only Peter Drucker who emphasised Values. He sought to educate us, not merely instruct. It is that ultimately one has to be a good person himself before he can be a good manager . This is the insight we gain from Indian wisdom- as explained by S.K.Chakraborty. This is what Drucker ultimately comes to; I think the last book he wrote was on ” Managing Oneself “. This is how close modern thought can come to ancient wisdom. I feel Drucker was a Rishi.

    Mastering mere techniques is like feeding on bull shit. It can take one places, but can it make one stay there? It takes more than information.
    Oh, these modern parables are so enlightening!

  2. Thanks for your valuable inputs.
    entertaining and enlighteningg!
    what about technoques nadmodern methods.
    we were running one after the other!
    first it was MBO – management by Objectives!
    Then QC – Quality Control
    Then TQC – Total Quality Control
    Then QC – Qulity Circles
    Then FMS – Flexible Manufacturing System
    then JIT – Just In Time
    in between there was OMM – One Minute Managemen
    Leave alone the other Japanese Techniques – we escaped through all these techniques!!!
    OH!! ‘kalvi ennum pal kadal pizaiththu’ – management techniques ‘ennum pal kadal pizaiththu’….!!!
    Thanks again,
    S Nagarajan
    Now Camp : Sanfrancisco

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