Common Sense Anecdotes (Post No.4084)

Compiled by London Swaminathan

Date: 15 July 2017

Time uploaded in London-13-57

Post No. 4084

Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.



Why I tell Many stories?

Lincoln once said to Chauncey Depew , “They say that I tell a great many stories; I reckon I do, but I have found in the course of a long experience that common people, take them as they run, are more easily informed through the medium of a broad illustration than in any other way, and to what the hypercritical few may think, I don’t care”.



Common Sense- Gift of God!

This is one of the favourite stories of Dr Karl Compton , the noted physicist of  M I T . His sister lives in India. She was having a simple electrical installation done by a native electrician. He troubled her so much for instructions that she at last said irritably, “You know what I want; just use your common sense and do it.”

The electrician salaamed politely and said, “Madam, common sense is a rare gift of God. I have only a technical education”.



Literature Anecdotes 


Two passengers were overheard in a literary discussion on the Brooklyn express,

“Whatcher favourite readin?”

“Popeye, Superman, and Flash Gordon”

“Howcha like O Henry?”

“Naw, the nuts get in my teeth”


Did Little Neil Die? Suspense in the Story!

The magazine which published The Old Curiosity Shop came to America by sailing vessel. As interest in Dickens story mounted from week to week, the crowds became larger on the New York wharf waiting to buy copies as soon as the boat docked. By the time the story reached its last chapter these crowds had grown to such large numbers and to such a pitch of suspense that they swarmed, five or six thousand strong, upon the wharf and could not wait until the ship docked, when they spied the captain on the deck they called out across the narrowing in waters

The question that burned in everyone’s heart, “Did little Neil Die?”




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  1. The anecdote about The Old Curiosity Shop and Little Neil is reminiscent of the 50s here with us.. We were so anxious to read the next (latest) installment of Kalki’s Ponniyin Selvan in the Kalki that on Thursday mornings, one of the boys would run to the newsagent’s shop early in the morning as the bundle arrived by bus, and get our copy. We could not wait two/three hours till it was delivered at home! Then we would read it first on the spot and only them move on . As we reached home someone would be waiting at the gate to snatch the magazine from our hand and run inside! By lunch time, at least two neighbours would have come to borrow it! Similar enthusiasm was seen in respect of Devan’s “C.I.D. Chandru”. in Ananda Vikatan. Those were the days! Kalki and Devan – their writing had a living quality!

  2. Thanks for all your interesting and informative comments.

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