Asura’s Mistake- Satapata Brahmana Story (Post No.4087)

Compiled by London Swaminathan

Date: 16 July 2017

Time uploaded in London-19-03

Post No. 4087

Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.


Once upon a time the gods and the Asuras, both of them sprung from Prajapati, strove together. And the Asuras even though arrogance, thinking,

“Unto whom, forsooth, should we make offering? went on offering into their own mouths. They came to naught, even through arrogance; wherefore let no one be arrogant, for verily arrogance is the cause (mouth) of ruin.

“Pride goeth before destruction.

But the gods went on making offerings to one another.

Prajapati game himself to them; thus the sacrifice became theirs; and indeed the sacrifice is the food of the gods – Satapata Brahmana.


“This which is sacrifice is the soul of all beings and of all gods”

–Satapata Brahmana14-3-2-1


Prajapati gave himself to the gods and became their sacrifice. He then created sacrifice as his own image or counterpart. Hence they say that ‘Prajapati is sacrifice’; for he created it as his own image.

–Satapata Brahmana 11-1-8-2



Women in Vedic Times

The following passage is of interest as clearly indicating that women in Vedic times had access to the Vedas; they took part in the sacrifices is clear from quite a number of passages:

Ida, the daughter of Manu, was a revealer of sacrifice. She heard, ‘The Asuras are placing fire’……………. Ida said to Manu, ‘I shall so place thy fire that thou shalt increase in offspring, cattle and twins; thou shalt be firmly established in  the world and shalt conquer the heavenly  word’. She first placed the Garhapatya fire. It was through the Garhapatya she produced for him offspring.

Taittiriya Brahmana 1-1-4-4

(Garhapatya is one of the three fires in a house)


Manu’s Wife Sacrificed!

There is another story where one must read between the lines; this one of the  symbolic stories:

“Manu had a bull. Into it an Asura slaying, enemy slaying voice had entered. In consequence of this bull’s snorting and bellowing. Asuras and Rakshasas were continually destroyed.


Then the Asuras said, “This bull, alas! does us mischief; how shall we overcome him? Now there were two priests of the Asuras called Kilata and Akuli. They said, ‘Manu is a devout believer; let us make trial of him’. They went and said to him, “Let us sacrifice for thee”

“Wherewith”, he asked.

With this bull, they replied.

Be it so, he answered.


When it had been slaughtered, the voice departed out of it and entered into Manu’s wife, Maanavaa.

Wherever they hear her speaking, the Asuras and Rakshasas continue to be destroyed in consequence of her voice.

The Asuras said, “She does yet more mischief; for the human voice speaks more”


Kilata and Akuli said, Manu is a devout believer; let us make trial of him. They went and said to him,

“Manu, let us sacrifice for thee”.

“Wherewith?, he asked.

“With this thy wife”, they replied.

Be it so, he answered.

When she had been slaughtered, the voice departed of her”.

–Satapata Brahmana 1-1-4-16

The same story is found with variations in the Kathaka Brahmana.

This is a symbolic story. One must rely on saints of India rather than foreigners.




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