Part 2 of Hindu Accounts of The Origin of the Vedas (Post No.4107)

Written by London Swaminathan

Date: 23 July 2017

Time uploaded in London- 12-52 am

Post No. 4107

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First part of this article was posted yesterday in this blog.

  1. The Vedas issued from the Mouth of Brahma

The Bhagavata Purana (3-12-34 and 37) says,

“Kadachit dyaayatah srastura vedaah aasamsa chaturmukhaat

katham srakshyaam aham lokaan samavetaan yathaapuraa


… rg yajush saamaatharvaakyaan vedaan puurvaardhibir mukhaih

sastram ijyaam stutistomam praayachchittam vyadhaat kramaat”


“Once the Vedas sprung from the four faced Creator, as he was meditating how shall I create the aggregate words as before? – He formed from his eastern and other mouths the Vedas called Rich, Yajush, Saman, Atharvan, together with praise, sacrifice, hymns and expiation”.


The Vishnu Purana gives the same expalanation.


12.The Vedas were produced from the Gayatri, Harivamsa Verse 11516

“Tato asrujad vai tripataam gayatrim vedamaataram

akaroch chaiva chaturo vedaan gaayatri sambhavaan”


“After creating the world, Brahma next created the Gayatri of three lines, Mother of the Vedas, and also the four Vedas which sprung from the Gayatri”

13.Sarasvati is the Mother of the Vedas, Mahabharata, Santi Parva, verses 12-920

“Vedaanaam maataram pasya matsthaam Deviim Sarasvatiim”

“Behold, Sarasvati, Mother of the Vedas, abiding in me”.


  1. The Vedas are Vishnu, Vishnu Purana 3-3-19

“He is composed of the Rich, of the Saman, of the Yajush; he is the soul, consisting of the essence of the Rich, Yajush and Saman, he is the soul of the embodied spirits”.


Opinions of the Seers

The names of the Mantra Drstaas ( who saw the mantras = who heard the Mantras) are preserved in the Anukramani or Explanatory Table of the Contents, which has been handed down with the Vedas itself. The names of the fathers of those seers are also given.


My comments:

This shows that the Hindus were the first in the world to produce Index, Contents, Anthology etc. This means they were highly literate and nowhere in the world we have an index or contents or an anthology around that time (1500 BCE according to foreigners and 3100 BCE according to the Hindus) except India.

In some of the verses, the names of the seers who pray are mentioned. Foreigners interpreted it as proof for ‘’authorshp’, ‘composing by humans’ etc. They took the literal meaning. If someone refers to me saying “Please listen to London swaminathan who is praying with this mantra” that does not mean I composed the mantra. I may be saying mantras composed or heard by some seers.

There are some passages which mislead the foreigners: –

“the mantras are made like a carpenter make a car”.


“The Kanvas make a prayer to you” (RV 1-47-2)

“Thus O Indra, Yoker of steeds, have the Gotamas made hymns for you efficaciously”- RV 1-64-61

“These magnifying prayer hymns, O Asvins, the Gristamadas have made for you” – RV 3-39-8


Wherever the verb ‘to make” is used, foreigners took it literally and interpreted as the hymns were ‘composed’ or ‘made’.


If we read the Vedas in full we understand the meaning correctly. Moreover, there are hundreds of references in Tamil and Sanskrit which make it very clear that they were not man made. 2000 year old Sangam Tamil Literature refer to it as ‘unwritten word’ in many places. So we don’t need a certificate from a foreigner. We believe that they were ‘seen’, ‘discovered’, ‘heard’ by the Rishis/seers.


Mahabharata says “Those who sell the Vedas, and those who write them, those also defile them, they shall go to hell”.


Professor Whitney attributed commercial reason for it. Foreigners are business men. They plundered the whole world. They took all the gold and diamonds to their own countries by destroying Mayan, Aztec, Red Indian, Hindu, Egyptian and Babylonian civilizations. They thought Brahmins also did not allow others to write it down so that they can make money. People who have lower thoughts can only interpret it that way!




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