WAR ANECDOTES (Post No.4188)

Compiled by London Swaminathan


Date: 6 September 2017


Time uploaded in London- 18-27


Post No. 4188


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.


Woman who couldn’t understand his son!

Peter Heine, a Dutchman, from a cabin-boy rose to the rank of Admiral. He was killed in action at the moment his fleet triumphed over that of Spain.

The States General sent a deputation to his mother, at Delft, to condole with her on the loss of her son. The simple old woman, who still remained in her original obscurity answered:

“I always foretold Peter would perish like the miserable wretch that he was. He loved nothing but rambling about from one country to another and now he has received the reward of his folly!”




At a council of Generals early in the Civil War, one remarked that a certain major was wounded and would not be able to perform a duty assigned to him.

“Wounded!” said Jackson.

“If it really is so, I think it must have been by an accidental discharge of his duty”



Hey, buddy, got a match?

In a camp the soldiers were awaiting imminent to the fighting front. In the dusk one of the soldiers called out to a khaki clad figure only dimly seen, “Hey Buddy!, got a match?”

A lighted match was forthcoming, and by its light, as he started to thank the other for the courtesy, the private was horrified to the see the markings of a general.

I beg your pardon, sir, he said saluting smartly, I didn’t see that you were a general!

That is alright son, said the general benignly.

Just thank God I wasn’t a second lieutenant.



Prince of Wales meets an American!

During the First World War an American officer was reconnoitring in the war zone. A young pleasant looking chap in the uniform of a British subaltern came toward him.

Who are you? the American challenged.

The Prince of Wales, the young man said mildly, continuing on his way.

“Oh Yeah, the was the sarcastic rejoinder of the American

And I am the King of England.”

Several nights later a Red Cross hut,  the two men met again. Great was the chagrin of the American to find that the young man was actually the Prince of Wales.

He was still more embarrassed when the Prince, grinning widely, waved to him from across the room and called out cheerily, “Hello there, dad!”


English were after Prize Money!

When the English Fleet was bearing down the French off Trafalgar, a sailor was devoutly kneeling at the side of the gun was asked by an officer if he was afraid.

“Afraid!, replied the tar, No! I was only praying that the enemy’s shot might be distributed in the same proportion as the prize money, the greatest part among the officers”





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