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Date: 27 October 2017


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Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.

Water occupies a pre-eminent position among the five elements, in the Hindu scriptures. A Hindu cannot survive without water. From birth to death every ceremony is done with the help of water. Brahmins cannot survive without water. So they lived on the banks of the rivers. Even today all the Brahmin streets called Agraharams are on the banks of the rivers. This poohpoohed the theory of half-baked people like Max Mullers and Caldwells who thought that the Vedic Hindus came from arid or snow clad regions of Central Asia or Europe and Dravidians came from the Mediterranean regions.


Water is, of course, essential for every human being whether you are a Hindu or not. But no literature praised water like the Hindu scriptures. Even a today a Brahmin worships water three times a day. Apart from that, the  Hindus discovered the enormous power of water. they can create missiles with it. They can curse any one with water or give a boon to anyone with water.


The whole of Sanskrit literature and the Tamil literature repeated the phrase sea-clad earth thousands of times. Whenever a Tamil poet or a Sanskrit poet wants to describe the earth they will say ‘sea clad’, or ‘sea clothed earth’. Asvini  Devas, the mysterious gods of the Rig Veda, had hundred oared ships and went deep into the ocean to rescue ship wrecked people according to the Rig Veda.


The mighty Saraswati rives is praised as ‘ocean like’ in the Rig Veda. Modern atomic research (carbon dating of isotopes) and astronomical research (NASA satellite pictures) showed that the Saraswati River Civilization existed before the Indus valley Civilization. So, water is the mainstay of the Vedic Hindus. The Vedas reverberated on the banks of the River Saraswati for the first time.

17 Kinds of Water!

Idiots and half-baked people wrote lot of nonsense about the Vedas in ENGLISH! They wrote that the Vedic people were nomads and those people mostly wrote silly/ nonsense in Sanskrit. But when we read the Vedas we are surprised to see the subjects they deal with. For the first time 27 stars are mentioned in the Brahmana literature. Since foreign idiots knew only Greek literature, they did not know the vast topics covered in the Vedic literature. Even if you just write the titles of the subjects you will know what they knew and you wouldn’t dare to call them primitive.


In the consecration ceremony of a king, as given in the Satapata Brahmana there are 17 different kinds of water used in order to infuse their different kinds of vigour into the king. This shows the importance of water in the Vedic literature.

Lot of half-baked people dated the Vedic literature differently and made themselves laughing stocks. First, they wrote that the Vedic Hindus were nomads and primitive people and then in their translations of Brahmanas which were dated  200 years after the Rig Veda by them,  the world’s highest decimal number and the consecration of a king with 17 types of water, 27 stars etc are shown.


Even in the Rig Veda, the oldest scripture in the world, a vast area from Ganges to rivers in Afghanistan is described. The world’s biggest and oldest geography book!


The 17 different waters are:

1.Water from the River Saraswati

(This explodes the theory of half baked  ‘scholars’ and  Marxist idiots, because Saraswati disappeared around 2000 BCE. So Satapata Brahmana or the ceremony it denotes existed before 2000 BCE)

2.Water that rises in front of him (called males wave), when he steps into water.

(either we don’t know their geography jargon or we don’t know their coded language)

3.Water that rises behind him

4.The flowing water

5.Such water as flows against the stream of the flowing water

6.Water that flows off the main current

7.The Lord of the waters (sea?)

8.Water from a whirlpool

9.Water from a standing pool of flowing water in a sunny spot

10.Water raining while the sun shines

11.Water from a pond

12.Waters from a well

13.Dew drops

14.Honey- one kind of water

15.Embryonic waters

16.Milk- another kind of water

17.Clarified butter

When the mantra says honey, milk, clarified butter we don’t know whether they meant them or a type of water. When they said embryonic waters we wonder what it is.

But through out the Vedic literature it is said that life came from the waters. Later Puranas also showed the first Avatar of Vishnu in waters.

Prajapati (Brahma) is given the number of 17 (another mystery) and the mantra says 17 kinds of water brings together, for Prajapati is 17 fold, and Prajapati is the sacrifice.;that is why he brings together 17 kinds of water.

Water in the Rig Veda

Hymn 9 in the 10th Mandala of Rig Veda is addressed to the Waters as Divinities and the first three of the nine verses are repeated by all Brahmins at their morning ablutions (Sandhyavandanam). The same three are used in the making of firepan, as described in the Sat. Br.(6-5-1-2) in which we read,

“Hence this triplet (RV10-9-1/3) is these waters which appeared as one form.

“This whole earth dissolved itself all over the water; all this universe appeared as one form only, namely water (6-1-1-12)

“Agni, we know that source whence thou art come, – the source, doubtless, is the heavenly waters, for from the waters he first came. In the sea the manly minded kindled thee in the water—the manly minded is Prajapati; thus, in the waters Prajapati kindled thee – the man watcher hath kindled thee, O Agni, in the udder of the sky—the man watcher, doubtless, is Prajapati, and the udder of the sky is water—thee whilst standing in the third region, doubtless, is the sky. the buffaloes made thee grow in the lap of the waters—the buffaloes, doubtless, are the vital airs; thus the vital airs made thee grow in the sky—Sat.Brah 6-7-4-5

Geographically we are informed that an ocean of water surrounds the earth. Later Puranas refer to the seven concentric oceans of milk, ghee, sugarcane etc.

“He surrounds this world with water—it is with the ocean that he thus surrounds it on all sides, and hence the ocean flows round this world in a moat- Sat. Br.7-1-13


Hindus were the first one to describe this world ‘round’ in shape (Anda=egg) and they are the one who described the universe is round (Hiranyagarbha). I have also written about how the Hiranyagarbha gave birth to the Big Bang theory.

Satapata Brahana and other Brahmanas have lot of things about water which may be considered unintelligible (or silly by foreigners) today. The reason being they were translated into English (which I and many others follow today) by people who don’t know anything about Hindu culture; leave alone the lack of knowledge about Hindu beliefs, they were anti-Hindu which is reflected in their lectures (please read my articles on Max Muller and his bluff)



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