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Date: 27 JANUARY 2018


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Chanakya, the great Indian genius, who lived 2300 years ago composed some verses on fame and good qualities. We see good similarities between him and other poets such as Shakespeare and Tiru Valluvar.


Here are Chanakya’s verses in his work Chanakya Niti:

“One goes by one’s qualities and not by occupying a high seat. Does a crow by sitting on the top of a place turn into Garuda?

“It is qualities that elicit praise and not enormous riches. Does the full moon evoke as much worship as the week but spotless one the day after the new moon day?


“With others proclaiming his qualities, even a person with no qualities comes to possess them. With his own self proclaiming his qualities even Indra loses his stature.


Chnakaya Niti , Chapter 16, slokas 6, 7, 8

Now compare it with Shakespeare’s famous quote in Twelfth Night,

(Malvalio  reads a letter)


“If this letter falls into your hands, think carefully about what it says. By my birth I rank above you, but don’t be afraid of my greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. Your fate awaits you. Accept it in body and spirit. To get used to the life you’ll most likely be leading soon, get rid of your low-class trappings. Show some eagerness for the new upscale lifestyle that’s waiting.”


Tiru Valluvar says,

In the abode of the gods, more honoured than the saints are those who have won lasting fame on earth.

Kural 234

Better to be born covered with glory on earth than never to be born at all.

Kural 236


Bemoan your own sloth that stands in your way to glory; why fret about the insults that others hurl at you?

Kural 237


Verily do the wise cry shame on those that leave no foot prints on the sands of time when there is glory to be sought and won in the world of men.

Kural 238

Alive is the soul that is free from reproach; but dead is the heart that lives without a name

Kural 240


Where and When Qualities Shine?

Chanakya adds two more verses on qualities (Guna)

“Qualities appear more charming when associated with a wise person. A jewel when united with (studded) in gold shines all the more.

“Even he who equals the omniscient one through his qualities, if alone, with none to support him, comes to grief. Even a priceless jewel needs the support of gold.

chapter 16, slokas 10 and 11


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  1. chandraravikumar

     /  January 27, 2018

    Dear Sir,
    I am unable to post a response as my WordPress does not work on my old ipad. I enjoy reading your interesting posts, especially the rare gems that you unearth from our ancient texts. The illustrative pictures you pick are also classic!

    I would like to call your attention to a mistake in the dating of Chanakya and so also Chandragupta Maurya. They and the Sakya Muni Buddha lived around 1500 years BCE, and NOT around 300+ BCE. Adi Shankara came as an avathaaram around 500 BCE, a full 1000 years after the Buddha, in which period Bauddha Dharma had become terribly corrupted. Shankaraachaarya’s dating is not around end 700’s and early 800’s CE.

    The old dates set by western christian scholars have come under scrutiny and have been proved to be false.

    Thank you for your great posts, and with regards,
    Chandra Ravikumar

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