Short Story-Fate can be changed by Good Action! (Post No.4815)

Written by London Swaminathan 


Date: 14 MARCH 2018


Time uploaded in London – 16-40


Post No. 4815

Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.






Great Tamil Hindu saints like Alvars and Nayanmars say that one’s fate can be changed to good by God. Manikkavasagar, Andal, Tirumular,  Sambandar and Appar say it in very clear words that the previous Karma (action and reaction) will be powdered or  will be burnt to ashes. Hindus generally believe that Karma/action done by one will have definite after effect. Good Karma (action) will bring good things and bad karma will bring bad things to the doer. But one’s intense devotion to god can change one’s fate. There is a short story to illustrate this point.

It is similar to Pusalar Nayanar story who built a temple mentally.

There was a poor man in a village. All his efforts to earn his livelihood failed miserably. One day his close friend asked him to see an astrologer in a nearby village. When he went to see him, the astrologer looked at his horoscope and was shocked. But he did not show it to the customer. He asked the poor man to come tomorrow, ‘if it is possible’. The poor man told the astrologer that he would come next day. Astrologer was laughing inside and pitied that man.


When the villager was returning to his home town, heavy rains poured down. He ran to a dilapidated building and took shelter. To his surprise it was an ancient but disused temple. He felt very sorry to see the condition of the temple. Various thoughts ran into his mind. He thought, “If I win a lottery prize tomorrow, first I will build a huge hall and then I will build a tall tower on top of it. Then I will install the golden statues of the gods inside and celebrate the consecration. If there is money, I will do Anna Dhanam to all the poor people (Anna Dhanam= Food donation). When the rain stopped, he returned home and felt very happy. He slept thinking of the temple.

Next day he went back to the astrologer according to the plan. The astrologer was greatly surprised to see him. He asked what he did in the past 24 hours. he said that he went back home after taking shelter in the huge rain previous night. The astrologer was not satisfied with his answer; so he asked to relate minute by minute account. Then he told the astrologer he stayed in a temple. Even then astrologer wasn’t satisfied. He asked him whether anything happened like seeing a holy man or any miracle. The poor man said, N I was only thinking about renovating the temple.

At the point the astrologer got a grip over the matter and asked the poor man about everything he thought. Then the astrologer realised that he built a golden temple in his mind and that only saved him; because according to his horoscope he should have died already. That is why the astrologer told him the first place “to come tomorrow, if possible”.


Then the astrologer explained to him everything that should have happened to him astrologically, but God changed his fate. Even Yama would fail in his arithmetic if God interferes!


One can change his bad days into good days with good thoughts.


Purity in mind, word and deed (Three way purity= Mano, Vak, Kayam) is called Tri Karana suddhi. If one has it permanently one can do miracles.



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