Woman does yoga on the edge of English Mountain cliff (Post No.4151)



Date: 26 JUNE 2018


Time uploaded in London –  15-51 (British Summer Time)


Post No. 5151


Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Wikipedia, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks. Pictures may be subject to copyright laws.



Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi approached the United Nations in 2014 to declare June 21 (longest day in Northern hemisphere) as the International Yoga day . They approved it and for the past four years the Yoga has spread far and wide. In England one woman made everyone to gasp for breath by doing Yoga on a dangerous cliff. Though people appreciated her spirit, they thought that it is dangerous to do such daredevil acts. All the British newspapers published these pictures due to Wayne Spring, who usually takes pictures at the cliff .


June 21 is the longest day for people who live in Northern hemisphere. We in London saw sun at 9-10 pm (in the evening) on that day.

The thrill seeker was criticised over the ‘dangerous’ moves, 200ft above jagged rocks in East Sussex (ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM)

  • An unidentified woman was spotted recklessly posing at the edge of a cliff as she performed yoga 
  • She spent 20 minutes performing a series of yoga poses at Seaford Head cliff, in Seaford, East Sussex
  • Wayne Spring, 51, captured the reckless woman’s activity on Friday afternoon


  • Despite giant cracks, and signs warning that the cliffs could give way at any moment, tourists are often spotted dangling over the edge of the Seaford Head cliff, in Seaford, East Sussex.
  • Wayne Spring, 51, has seen scores of people go too close to the edge of the cliff.
  • A woman put herself in danger doing a handstand on the edge of a crumbling cliff.


  • Despite giant cracks and signs warning that the chalk cliffs could give way at any moment, tourists are often spotted dangling over the edge of the Seaford Head cliff, in Seaford, East Sussex, to take selfies.
  • Photographer Wayne Spring, 51, has seen scores of people gamble with death at the edge of the cliff and branded the woman’s behaviour “ridiculous”.
  • He said: “I find myself questioning people’s common sense quite a lot these days, but this was just another level.
  • “But this was something else – I couldn’t believe my eyes when she did the headstand.”
  • The thrillseeker, who appears to be in her 30s, performed a series of poses at the edge of the cliff, including standing on one leg and the ‘downward-facing dog’ pose.
  • Snapper Wayne added: “Yoga’s meant to be relaxing, but I can tell you that it wasn’t relaxing watching her.
  • “There was a crowd gathered around me at the time and people couldn’t stop gasping.

  • “The woman was so firm with her poses, it just goes to show that she was totally oblivious to the danger she was in.
  • “The cliffs are so unstable, they could collapse at any time.
  • “Nobody’s would ever be able to walk away from that drop, no matter how bendy they were.”
  • The edge of the cliff is fractured with cracks, and every year along the iconic white cliffs, hundreds of tonnes of rocks fall onto the beach below.
  • For years there have been calls to install security fences at the top of the cliff to prevent people falling off the sheer drop.
  • Wayne added: “If you fence it off you might spoil the area but you can’t rely on people to use their common sense any more.
  • “I don’t want the natural environment to be spoilt by a few idiots but if a fence stops them then so be it.
  • “I think they’re uninformed. If you are not from the area you will not know about the dangers but people just need to use their common sense.”
  • The South Downs National Park Authority, who maintain the Seven Sisters cliffs in Newhaven, East Sussex, have said fences are impractical because of erosion.

Seaford Head is along the same stretch of coastline as Beachy Head, one of the world’s most notorious cliffs




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  1. This reckless woman symbolises the depths to which Yoga has been dragged these days. What she did is totally against the spirit of true Yoga.
    Unfortunately, Yoga has come to mean merely or mainly Hatha Yoga in the West; under the Western influence, our youngsters too think of Yoga only in terms of its effects on health and other physical benefits. Hatha Yoga is the lowest form or rung of Yoga.
    Yoga means ‘union’. It presupposes Viyoga or separation ! The sadhaka has to inquire what is this separation about- who is separated and from what, and how has this separation occurred, or if it has occurred at all! This is the eight fold path of Yoga, which starts with the cleansing of the mind and heart, acquiring purity and virtue. Asana is but a small part, and the elaborate Hatha Yoga is a diversion to descent! Arunagirinatha warned us against Hatha Yoga:
    காட்டிற் குறத்தி பிரான்பதத் தேகருத் தைப்புகட்டின்
    வீட்டிற் புகுதன் மிகவெளிதே விழிநாசிவைத்து
    மூட்டிக் கபாலமூ லாதார நேரண்ட மூச்சையுள்ளே
    ஓட்டிப் பிடித்தெங்கு மோடாமற் சாதிக்கும் யோகிகளே.

    It is sad that in the name of popularising, we are vulgarising- promoting the rather cheap aspects of Yoga which too is now crassly commercialised. In the very beginning Patanjali tells us what is Yoga:
    yogash-chitta-vritti-nirodhah ||2||
    योगश्चित्तवृत्तिनिरोधः ॥२॥
    Yoga is restraining the modifications of the mind !

    I really wonder what the International Yoga Day will achieve! How sad that gymnastic Yoga is hiding the genuine stuff!

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