See You Later, Alligator!(Post No.5208)

Compiled by London swaminathan


Date: 11 JULY 2018


Time uploaded in London – 14-48  (British Summer Time)


Post No. 5208


Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Wikipedia, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks. Pictures may be subject to copyright laws.


Extravagance Anecdotes


Poor Benjamin Franklin

After 150 years the truth is out about Benjamin Franklin. The name Poor Richard might easily have derived from his bank account rather than from his almanac, said William Fulton Kurtz after reading early records of the bank of North America, where Franklin and many of his illustrious compatriots kept their money. He was overdrawn at least three days out of every week.


Expense or Will?

When EH Harriman, the railroad magnate and millionaire, was dying, reporters were on the spot for the story. The reporter of one of the metropolitan dailies was notorious for his enormous expense accoun s. After the millionaire’s death, the reporters expense account carefully itemised but out of all just proportions, was handed over to the city editor. He looked it over and handed it back, saying,
“If this is the will, it is worth a story”.


Generosity anecdotes


Let me Die First.
When Frederic the Great was seized with his mortal illness, he asked whether it was necessary to forgive all his enemies. On receiving the proper answer. He said to the queen,” Dorothy write to your brother that I forgive him all the evil he has done me; but wait till I am dead first”.


Vote for my Opponent!

Abe Lincoln was a simple man with honest generous impulses. When he was a candidate for the legislature it was the practice at that date in Illinois for two rival candidates to travel over the district together. The custom led to much good natured raillery between them.

On one occasion he had driven out from Springfield in company with a political opponent to engage in joint debate. The carriage, it seems, belonged to his opponent. In addressing the gathering of farmers that met them, Lincoln was lavish in praise of the generosity of his friend.
“I am too poor to own a carriage, he said. But my friend has generously invited me to ride with him. I want you to vote for me if you will but if not then vote for my opponent for he is a fine man.



Imagination anecdotes
Professor Buckland, the distinguished biologist of the early 19th century, gave a dinner one day, after dissecting a Mississippi alligator.
How do you like the soup? asked the doctor after finishing his own plate, addressing a famous gourmand of the day

Very good indeed, answered the other; turtle, is it not?
I only ask because I do not find any green fat.
The doctor shook his head.
I think it has some what musky state, said another.
Not unpleasant but peculiar.
“All alligators have”, replied Dr Buckland, “the fellow I dissected this morning, and whom you have just been eating.”
There was a general rout of guests.
Everyone turned pale.

Half a dozen started up from the table and hurriedly left the room.
“See what imagination is!” exclaimed Dr Buckland.


“ If i had told them it was turtle or terrapin, or birds nest soup, they would have pronounced excellent”.
Tell me, doctor, was it really an alligator?
Alligator! Laughed the Doctor. Stuff and nonsense — it was nothing but a good calf’s head.
Xxxx Subham xxx

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