Heroic Rajput Prince (Post No.5237)

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Date: 19 JULY 2018


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Post No. 5237


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Rajputs are famous for their heroism and sense of honour. Colonel Tod in his book Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan narrates an anecdote. This happened in the period of Mogul emperor Aurnagzeb:


A prince was asked to show respect to the emperor when he was arrested and presented in front of the king. When he was asked to bow his head, he showed his feet and commanded more respect!


Following is the story from Tod’s book:


“The reply of the Deorah Prince of Sirohi (in Rajasthan) shows the high spirit and the independence of character of a  true Rajput and his intense love for his country. He was arrested while he was asleep in the palace by Mokund Das, one of the Generals of Jaswant Sing. Mokund Das told him that no one is exempted from profound obeisance to the emperor.


The prince told him that “his life was in King’s hands and his honour in his own; he had never bowed the head to mortal man, and never would”.

As Jaswant had pledged himself for his honourable treatment, the officers of the ceremonies endeavoured by stratagem to obtain a constrained obeisance, and instead of introducing him as usual, they allowed him a wicket, knee high and very low overhead by which to enter, but putting his feet foremost, his head was the past part to appear.



This stubborn ingenuity, his noble bearing and his long protracted resistance, added to Jaswant Sing pledge, won the king’s favour; and he not only offered him pardon, but whatever lands he might desire.


‘Though the king did not name the return, Soortan was well aware of the terms, but he boldly and quickly replied, ‘what can your Majesty bestow equal to Ahalgarh? Let me return to it is all I ask’.


The king had the magnanimity to comply with his request; Soortan was allowed to retire to the castle of Abu, nor did he, any of the Deoras ever rank themselves amongst the vassals of the empire; but they have continued to the present hour a life of almost savage independence”.

Tod’s Rajasthan Vol.II, pp 56, 57


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