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Date: 26 JULY 2018


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Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Wikipedia, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks. Pictures may be subject to copyright laws.



Prophet Mohammad Nabi’s hair is kept in different parts of the world for viewing by Muslims and othesr. They pay respect to all the relics such as his hair, beard, the bowls and other things used by the Prophet. One of such relics, Mohammed’s hair, is in the Hazratbal Shrine in Sri Nagar, Kashmir. It has been there from the days of Mogul emperor Aurang zeb. You Tube shows another hair in Dubai Museum. The Independent newspaper of London published a news item about the hair in Moscow Cathedral mosque.


One version in the book ‘Mysteries of the Himalayas’ talks about two dreams about Prophet’s advice about his hair.


Here is the story about two dreams:

One of Prophet Mohammad’s descendants was Syed Abdullah. He brought Mohammad’s hair from Medina to Bijapur in South India. He died 23 years after his migration to Bijapur. Then his son Syed Ahmed became the care taker of the hair. When Aurang Zeb captured Bijapur all the things in Bijapur were taken to Delhi. Syed Ahmed went to Delhi to get back the relic but was trapped in big debt. It happened in 1693-94.


One business man of Kashmir, Nuruddin Ashwari was ready to buy the hair so that Syed can repay his debts. But he refused to give away the hair. But Prophet came into his dream and asked him to sell it to Nuruddin Ashwari.


While the hair was being taken to Sri Nagar in Kashmir Aurang Zeb came to know about the hair. When he tested the authenticity of the hair, he came to know that it was true. He asked Ashwari to give it to him and Ashwari refused. Aurang zeb took it away by force and sent it to Ajmeer for display. Ashwari died in shock. Prophet came into the dream of Aurang Zeb and ordered him to send it to Kashmir with the body of Ashwari. Thus the prophet’s hair came to Hazrat bal shrine in Sri Nagar. Now thousands of people pay respect to it.


In 1963 the hair disappeared and Muslims staged big protests all over the country. Jawaharlal Nehru, then Prime Minister had to pacify Muslims through a broadcast. Then the hair was recovered in 1964.


Hair in Moscow

The independent newspaper has published the following news and picture in 2015:-


Thousands of new visitors are expected at the Cathedral Mosque in Moscow this week as it now houses a strand of hair believed to have belonged to the Prophet Mohamed.


The relic was a gift from the Chechen Republic leader Ramzan Kadyrov, to honour the Moscow’s newest mosque, one of the biggest in Russia, which had recently reopened after a ten year reconstruction.


The hair will be permanently stored in a glass case inside the mosque and be displayed to the general public on religious holidays. It was previously stored in Grozny in Chechnya.


Relics of Buddha such as tooth, relics of Christ such as Turin shroud, sandals of great Hindu saints, Mahatma Gandhi’s chappals, specs, vessels are all in display in different parts of the world. All museums in the West display all the relics of great kings and queens who ruled that part of the world.


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