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Date: 17 March 2019

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SAROJ KUMAR CHAUDHURY in his book ‘Sanskrit in China and Japan’ has given amazing statistics of number of Buddhist temples that existed 1000 years ago in China. There is a staggering number of monks and nuns. The number of translations of Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit works also is given in the tabular columns.

He has listed the Sanskrit words in Japanese separately. In over 300 pages he has given rare and unavailable materials. Sanskrit enthusiasts must buy this book and do further research.

He has made it very clear that the word Sanskrit is not used by them. They denoted everything Indian like the Brahmi script and the language with the word Siddham. It is derived from the regional name of Brahmi script.

Very interesting information along with the dates and names of scholars and their works are also found in the book. He has also given examples for how Brahma, Svaha etc are changed in Chinese.

Here are some informative pages from the book published in 2011:–


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