Date: 14 May 2019

British Summer Time uploaded in London –  14-49

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Actors Anecdotes

John Kemble was performing one of his favourite parts at some country theatre and was interrupted from time to time by the squalling of a child in the gallery , until at length, angered by this rival performance , Kemble waked with solemn steps to the front of the stage , and addressing the audience in most tragic tones, said

“Ladies and gentlemen, unless the play is stopped , the child cannot possibly go on”.


Thanks for the warning

A pushing young actor who was under study in one of Mr. Barrie’s plays found his opportunity one night through the illness of his principal. He accordingly flooded his managerial and influential  acquittances with telegrams announcing,

“I play so and so ‘s part tonight. Except that the theatre was comparatively empty this breathless disclosure produced no result, other than a telegram in reply from Mr Barrie to this effect:

“Thanks for the warning”.



When John Barrymore was playing Hamlet on Broadway, Jane Cowl attended one of the matinees. She was not inaudible while watching it, and the audience soon knew she was there.

Barrymore became aware of her presence, also, but did not acknowledge it until the end of the performance. In making his curtain speech he bowed in the direction of the famed lady’s box.

“And in conclusion”, he said, “may I take this opportunity to thank Miss Cowl for the privilege of co-starring with her this afternoon.”


Hold your tongue, you dog!

During a theatrical engagement at Manchester, Kemble and Lewis were walking one day along the street, when a chimney-sweeper and his boy came up. The boy stared at them with open mouth and exclaimed :

“They be play actors.”

“Hold your tongue, you dog”, said the old sweep, “you don’t know what you may come to yourself.”


Sold pig farm for Shakespeare Play

Lilah Mc Carthy tells of Lord Lucas that, “He wanted me to play a season of Shakespeare and knew how much I wished it; and one day he came to the theatre with a cheque. Here is the money for Shakespeare. I have sold my pig-farm. I like his pearls better than my pigs.”

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